LegalShield Pilots All-New Legal Plan for Gun Owners in Texas

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New and Changing Gun Laws Leave Consumers in Need of Legal Counsel More than 930,000 active gun licenses in Texas, number is expected to rise

“Our goal with The Legal Plan for Gun Owners is to first make sure people understand the law, and their rights, and in the case of a lawsuit, make sure that they have legal representation they can rely on,” Keri Norris, Gral. Counsel,VP Regulatory Affairs

LegalShield is proud to announce the pilot test of a new Legal Plan for Gun Owners. The all-new plan is exclusively available to gun owners that are residents of Texas and provides legal coverage relating to the ownership, license, carry and usage of a properly licensed firearm. For a member and a spouse or legal partner, member benefits include unlimited telephone consultation on questions related to legal aspects of gun ownership. Additionally, benefits include trial defense coverage and emergency access to legal advice for gun related legal issues.

There are currently more than 930,000 active gun licenses in Texas, and with new concealed carry laws in effect and campus carry permits to take effect in August of this year, the complexity of legal issues, along with the number of gun owners is projected to grow. Gun owners who practice safe and legal use of firearms are best protected when they clearly understand the ever-changing laws around gun ownership, and have legal support in the case of an incident.

“Our goal with The Legal Plan for Gun Owners is to first make sure people understand the law, and their rights, and in the case of a lawsuit, make sure that they have legal representation they can rely on and answers they can trust,” Keri Norris, General Counsel and VP Regulatory Affairs, said. “We currently represent more than 125,000 Texans with our legal products and are happy to offer even more options to Texas residents with the addition of this new plan.”

Many gun owners simply don’t know enough when it comes to the legal use of a firearm. In some cases, they don’t have a clear understanding of state or local laws, or when a question arises they do not have reliable resources to check the current laws. The Legal Plan for Gun Owners helps educate plan members by allowing them to call their law firm and ask unlimited questions on firearm ownership such as: gun registration, firearm license requirements, proper places to carry a firearm, criminal charges or issues related to a legal discharge of a firearm, and what is a “legal discharge” of a firearm.

In addition, many gun owners have a false sense of security when they carry a gun. Individuals may assume they are covered by laws like “stand-your-ground,” or even their homeowners insurance, but that is not always the case. In many cases they find themselves needing legal representation. Under The Legal Plan for Gun Owners, should legal representation be required, members receive 60 hours of trial defense support and if more time is needed, their attorney’s hourly rate is reduced by 25 percent; grand jury proceedings prior to a criminal charge are also covered by a 25 percent discounted rate. In the case of an emergency, members have 24-hour access to their law firm with the touch of a button via the new My LegalShield member mobile app, or by calling a special 800 emergency number that will connect them immediately to a Ross & Matthews lawyer that is ready and willing to assist a member in crisis.

The plan is available for purchase for $16.95 per month from licensed LegalShield Independent Associates. To find a LegalShield Associate in your area call LegalShield Online Services at 866-696-0919. The plan is serviced by Ross & Matthews Law Firm, established in 1990 by James Matthews and Lynn Ross, who have serve as LegalShield provider attorneys since 1987 and currently serve more than 125,000 LegalShield members throughout Texas.

The Legal Plan for Gun Owners pilot is scheduled to run through July 1. Demand for the plan will determine if the plan will be permanent in Texas and/or will expand to other states. Should the plan be discontinued, any individual purchasing the plan during the pilot period, is entitled to keep their Legal Plan for Gun Owners for at least one year from the date of purchase, or transfer their membership to a current LegalShield individual or family plan.

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