Dietmar Knoechelmann - a hunter and businessman

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Dietmar Knoechelmann: the exclusive interview with an experienced hunter

Dietmar Knoechelmann

Dietmar Knoechelmann, a hunter and successful business man has give an exclusive interview about hunting. His friends at the Hess Hunting Lodge are his biggest fans and are certainly interested in Dietmar Knoechelmann's hunting escapades, preparations for hunting and overall outlook on the sport.

So you are a hunter. Tell us about it.

When did you start hunting?

"I got my hunting license in the 80s."

What does it take to get a license?

"I got my hunting license in Germany. You have to prepare yourself and you have to pass several tests in different areas. You have to know about biological issues, hygiene issues, legal issues. You have to be able to recognize nature like the different plants, trees and animals etc. But you also have to pass on the shooting range and you have to be trained in how to handle guns in general and what to consider in terms of safety and security."

How long it takes to get a license?

"In Germany nowadays you can take either a full time crash course which takes a couple of weeks or a ‘normal’ course with training in the evenings and on weekends which takes between 6 and 9 months."

How is hunting live in Germany?

"In the German legal system hunting rights are tied to the ownership of the land. Either you own the land or you rent the right to hunt on the land from the owner or from the municipality. If you have the right to hunt somewhere no one else is allowed to hunt there as well without your permission."

Do you hunt with dogs?

"Good hunting needs trained dogs. You have dogs which help you to find the game as well as dogs which help you after a shot to find the dead or sometimes the wounded game. You have special breeds for special tasks."

Once you have a hunting license can you hunt everywhere?

"No. If you want to hunt in a certain country you have to follow the rules and laws of that country. Sometimes you have to get a local license. Usually your German hunting license qualifies for a local license."

Did you ever hunt outside Germany?


Is it up to the hunter when and what he hunts?

"No. You have to follow the local laws and rules which limit when you can hunt what and how many. "

What happens to the game after it is hunted?

"What can be eaten will be eaten. Game is high quality meat."

Thanks for the interview.

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