Fotodiox to Launch New FlapJack LED Edgelights and CamDolly Cinema System at NAB 2016

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Designed with independent photographers and filmmakers in mind, Fotodiox Pro’s New FlapJack LED Ring Light, FlapJack LED Wand and CamDolly Cinema System are essential tools for any portable studio

Fotodiox Pro's All New FlapJack LED Wand, CamDolly Cinema System and FlapJack LED Ring Light

Fotodiox Pro, creator and distributor of several lines of specialty solutions for videography, cinematography and photography, has announced that three new products will be launching from the show floor at the 2016 NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada: the Flapjack LED Ring Light, the FlapJack LED Wand and the CamDolly Cinema System. Attendees who visit Fotodiox Pro at booth #C9539 will be able to view detailed demonstrations of the products, as well as order them on the spot for home delivery.

The CamDolly
Introduced as a prototype during the 2015 NAB Show, the CamDolly Cinema System is the industry’s first truly portable and modular dolly system for professional-grade video and film equipment. It allows filmmakers of all levels to perform smooth, dynamic dolly shots for a fraction of the energy and expense that come with existing dolly solutions. The system includes everything a filmmaker needs to build five different dolly modes, or "protocols" – each designed to create a specific type of shot. Large crews and van transportation are things of the past, as the entire CamDolly Cinema System easily fits into a compact car and packs neatly into three luggage sized cases, the heaviest of which is 50 pounds. A single person can move all of the system's components to a shooting location with ease, and assemble the CamDolly into one of its five protocols in under 15 minutes.

  • Ride-On Track Dolly - "The Sidewinder": full-size dolly with a seat for creating both straight and curved shots using the included SnakeTrack flexible rail (or optional rigid track)
  • Ride-On Doorway Dolly - "Doorway X-Dolly": full-size dolly with a seat that rides on four skate wheels for smooth surfaces or pneumatic tires for outdoor shooting
  • Heavy Duty Slider - "XL Slider": much more stable than a portable slider, the XL Slider is uniquely capable of supporting heavy cameras and performing smooth tracking moves
  • Tabletop Dolly - "The Table Topper": attach wheels directly to the core to achieve four-wheel or three-wheel dolly shots on a tabletop, or dramatic shots near ground level
  • Orbit Dolly - "360° Orbital Dolly": a three-wheeled dolly with lockable wheels. Lock the wheels to specific degrees (using included chart or app) to easily create graceful arcs around a subject without a track

“The filmmaking industry has seen tremendous innovation in the last decade, and it’s easier than ever for independent filmmakers to realize their visions. The camera dolly, however, is a powerful piece of equipment that continues to be bulky, expensive and difficult to manage,” says Bohus Blahut, marketing director for Fotodiox. “The CamDolly Cinema System solves all of that. It’s versatile, easy to manage and transport, and creates the kind of dynamic visuals you just can’t get without a dolly. We believe it can be an indispensable visual tool for independents, production studios, schools, and anyone else who simply wants to make movies.”

The FlapJacks
Expanding Fotodiox Pro’s groundbreaking line of ultra-portable, constant-source FlapJack LED Edgelights are the FlapJack LED Ring Light and FlapJack LED Wand. Ideal for macro photography, forensic photography and videography, product photography, portraiture and video interviews, the FlapJack LED Ring Light is bi-color, creates beautiful, uniform soft light, and provides a new level of mounting and positioning versatility. The Ring Light is compatible with 15mm and 19mm rail systems or any ¼-20 thread mount, is fully adjustable in height to accommodate different camera body and lens combinations, runs on industry standard Sony NP-F style batteries or AC power, and comes with a custom-fitted travel case.

The FlapJack LED Wand was designed to be the perfect tool for lighting vehicle interiors, tabletops and hard-to-reach corners in a variety of shooting scenarios. Featuring removable barn doors, which can be used to focus the FlapJack’s trademark “glow,” the Wand also comes with a pistol grip handle that allows the user to more easily position the light for various shots, or even perform artistic light painting for long-exposure shooting. Like the Ring Light, the Wand is fully adjustable between Daylight and Tungsten color temperatures, runs on industry standard Sony NP-F style batteries (included in the kit) or AC power, and comes with a custom-fitted travel case.

See Them in Action
To view demonstrations and/or purchase the CamDolly Cinema System, the full line of FlapJack LED Edgelights, and Fotodiox Pro’s many other series of photography and videography equipment, please visit booth #C9539 in Central Hall at the 2016 NAB Show from April 18-21, 2016. All three products will be available for purchase at as of April 18, 2016.

About Fotodiox
Serving the photo and video markets since 2004, Fotodiox Pro (NAB 2016 booth #C9539) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality, professional and affordable photography and videography accessories. Known for such products as the WonderPana wide-angle filter system, the Vizelex ND Throttle adapter series, the ever-expanding line of award-winning GoTough accessories for GoPro cameras, and the groundbreaking FlapJack LED Edgelights, Fotodiox Pro is also responsible for bringing the CamDolly Cinema System – the industry’s first truly portable, modular dolly system for professional videography gear – to filmmakers in the United States. For more information about Fotodiox Pro, please visit booth #C9539 at NAB 2016 or explore online at,, and

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