Doctor C Introduces The Right C® Advanced Vitamin Product to Amazon

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Advanced The Right C® provides vitamin C to the body as the body needs it

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The studies indicated that The Right C® formulation is absorbed more rapidly than Another Vitamin C by 196%. Alternatively, Another Vitamin C is absorbed only 50.7% as quickly as The Right C®.

Doctor C, a company based out of Arizona, has a technologically-advanced vitamin C supplement called The Right C® that is now for sale on Amazon.

“One of Doctor C’s core values is the emphasis on extensive research to provide our consumers with the best vitamin C supplement on the market. The Right C® is supported by clinical studies conducted at Kilden Helse in Oslo, Norway under the direction of Dr. Roald Strand. The protocol was designed by Dr. Anthony J. Verlangieri, Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology,” said Travis Lingenfelter, CEO of Doctor C.

The studies indicated that The Right C® formulation is absorbed more rapidly than Another Vitamin C by 196%. Alternatively, Another Vitamin C is absorbed only 50.7% as quickly as The Right C®. The Right C® raises plasma AA levels more rapidly and higher than Another Vitamin C. Higher plasma levels promote more rapid increases in intracellular AA levels. Higher AA levels enable the cell to utilize AA at a higher rate in cell metabolism and provide superior anti-oxidant action in the plasma as well as in the cell. Thus, The Right C® provides superior anti-oxidant protection compared to Another Vitamin C.

The benefits of adding a quality vitamin C supplement to one’s daily life are vital – including its powerful anti-oxidant activity, its role in strengthening immune system function, and its importance in collagen production, to name only a few of the multitude of health benefits. Without vitamin C, an essential vitamin, people can develop many symptoms including dry skin, splitting hair, poor healing of wounds, nosebleeds, fatigue, joint and muscle aches, etc. Although vegetables and fruits are an excellent source of vitamin C, many people do not consume enough on a daily basis and so many doctors recommend that people include a vitamin C supplement, as the RDA for vitamin C is to prevent scurvy not to promote optimal health.

Doctor C has ensured that their product, The Right C®, stands far apart from the crowd of other vitamin C products on the market. Some unique features of The Right C® include that it offers up to 400% superior absorption over conventional vitamin C products by utilizing all four cellular pathways. The Right C® is also buffered to a non-acidic, neutral pH which eliminates, or greatly reduces, the intestinal distress that may occur with some individuals taking large amounts of conventional vitamin C. The Right C® also contains Riboperine™, a metabolite complex which has been shown to further enhance the uptake of vitamin C and which may also improve cellular energy (ATP) production, as well as support other anti-oxidant defense mechanisms in the body - two benefits not available from other conventional vitamin C products.

Many of Doctor C’s qualified team of researchers, business people, scientists and clinicians are the same people that who brought the Ester C® product to the market over twenty years ago. The Right C® is designed to provide all of the known benefits of vitamin C in an advanced bioavailable, stomach-friendly, and better absorbed form.

“We believe that the human body is an amazing machine, and if you give the body what it needs, then it will do what it was designed to do in order to take care of itself. Now that we are on, we are excited to be able to share this value with the world,” said Lingenfelter.

To find out more about Doctor C and The Right C®, including full clinical studies and testimonials from medical doctors and veteran vitamin C researchers, visit

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