Araven revolutionizes supermarket shopping with the new Shop & Roll Loop cart

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The new 100 liter (26,41 Gal.) Shop & Roll Loop combines the advantages of current baskets and carts: apart from its considerable capacity this cart slips smoothly around the corridors due to being extremely compact and manageable from the four side.

The new 100 liter (26,41 Gal.) Shop & Roll Loop combines the advantages of current baskets and carts

The international company Araven, market leader in solutions geared to facilitating the transportation of shopping, has launched an article which is set to revolutionise supermarket shopping: the 100 liter (26,41 Gal.) Shop & Roll Loop. The new product involves a brand new challenge for this company, which has always stood out due to its innovatory design in shopping baskets, but which has now gone the full circle and introduced a totally new concept in shopping carts in a sector which has seen no change in fifty years, with the exception of recent changes in the material used; from metal to plastic.

Supermarket shopping is often tiring. Narrow corridors and cumbersome and heavy trolleys mean “going to the supermarket” can be extremely bothersome. When it seemed that everything had already been invented and that further progress in relation to shopping transport at the point of sale was impossible, Araven has launched the 100 liter (26,41 Gal.) Shop & Roll Loop cart.

There has been a turnaround in supermarket trends in recent years, marked by changes in the purchasing habits of consumers who now shop at an establishment several times a week as a means of reducing the volume of goods carried per visit.

This has led to the appearance of new formats of stores, more urban and nearer by, providing consumers with an enhanced service in terms of both time and space. As such, Araven has expanded its range of products and created an alternative to current options with a solution which is particularly geared to today´s consumers and shopping needs. A cart which is perfectly suited to new shopping styles and new types of store, where consumers find what they are looking for easily, and for which they require a store tool to help them shop.

One of the biggest drawbacks with the carts currently in use on the market is lack of maneuverability, due to the fact they are designed to be pushed forward in one direction only, which makes changing course or turning round in a corridor extremely difficult.

The new 100 liter (26,41 Gal.) Shop & Roll Loop combines the advantages of current baskets and carts: it guarantees full capacity and slips around corridors with ease, besides being extremely compact, lightweight, ergonomic and manageable. What really sets the Shop & Roll Loop apart from the other carts used in supermarkets is its considerable degree of mobility provided by the perimeter handle, the only such model on the market, enabling it to be handled from any of the four sides and leaving the corners free and the central area open to grab the four sides with one or both hands. Araven´s new creation has improved accessibility to products, as goods are now unloaded directly on to the check-out counter, meaning customers are not required to bend over and lift weight.

The international company´s new launch also brings major benefits to supermarkets, due to the fact it takes up 30% less space in the store even though it is the same size (100 liters) as carts used today, and the stacking distance between them is a mere 4.92”. Furthermore, Araven´s latest product, made of metal and plastic, makes less noise and facilitates store traffic with several carts at once thanks to its compact design. All these features lead to an increase in customer satisfaction of around 33%, due to enjoying shopping in a more comfortable manner, and supermarket sales soaring by up to 14%.

The 100 liter (26,41 Gal.) Shop & Roll Loop is available in a tailor-made model, thereby enhancing the image of the business thanks to the wide range of handle colours and the opportunity to customise the corporate logo.
Araven has decided to maintain the “Shop & Roll” line of equipment name for this new product. A stellar reference which has made the company a household name worldwide, thanks to the wide range of baskets on wheels which have revolutionised the scenario of product transport at the point of sale.


Araven, company with headquarters in Europe and affiliates in the USA and Mexico, joined the shopping basket market in the 1990s. After several improvements in relation to the traditional concept of baskets, and after a long period of research, the company launched Shop & Roll in 2005, the first shopping basket on wheels and with a telescopic handle marketed on a global scale and patented in 52 countries.

In only two years Shop & Roll revolutionised the panorama of shopping transport at the point of sale thanks to the advantages the product affords to both customers and modern sales outlets.

Hence, year after year, Shop & Roll, which already accounts for one third of the company´s total revenue, is setting trends at all the major retailers around the world, and has been sold in 30 countries on the five continents. Striving for innovation and the continuous improvement of its products, the international company Araven has been implementing improvements such as the germ-free handle and the first basket on wheels made of 100% recycled plastic, among many other enhancements.


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