TuquoiseJewelry.com Releases the "Top 5 Ways Turquoise Jewelry Reflects the Bohemian Trend"

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TurquoiseJewelry.com invites you to embrace the new Bohemian style of 2016 and show you the top 5 things to know about turquoise jewelry to get you started.

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Turquoise is the lustrous blue stone that shines with the unique and zestful vibrancy that best represents the Boho style

Now, more than ever, the fashion industry is seeing a return of the Bohemian “Boho” style. A combination of artistic, avant-garde, and truly unique. Department stores and designers are embracing the messy, yet whimsical style that came to the fashion world in the 60’s. Now referred to as simply "Boho," people admire it for its unconventional aesthetic value. Recognizing the rise of the rejuvenation of Boho in 2016, TurquoiseJewelry wants people to know the top 5 ways turquoise jewelry best reflects the Boho style. Turquoise is the lustrous blue stone that shines with the unique and zestful vibrancy that best represents the Boho style. TurquoiseJewelry urges people that before they go out to buy turquoise pieces for your new Boho collection, to take a look at these 5 things to everyone needs to know about turquoise and the Boho style.

Top 5 Ways Turquoise Jewelry Reflects the Bohemian Trend

The Healing properties of turquoise goes back centuries, originating from a popular Native American belief. This rich cultural context is what makes turquoise the perfect stone for the new age Boho style. The legend holds that turquoise was created after Native American tribes celebrated the return of rain after a long period of drought. The life-giving stone embodies the spirit and fluidity of water and is said to protect and heal the wearer from both bodily harm and evil spirits. Embracing the mystic and unconventional is what makes this style so unique.

History is another powerful element of the Boho style. Not only does turquoise jewelry have a rich background in the Native American culture, but it’s also the oldest gemstone used for jewelry in human history. Dating back thousands of years from cultures around the world, turquoise is believed to be a sacred stone. For this reason, Native American jewelry designers place great care and attention to detail when crafting these beautiful works of art, to honor their heritage and culture.

The matrix of turquoise jewelry also makes it a perfect complement to your Boho style. Perfectly manufactured jewelry is never flawed, but that often makes it dull, common, and unappealing. Since turquoise comes from nature, there’s always a remembrance of that natural beauty pressed into each piece. Depending on the turquoise mine, the deposit and stone can drastically change. Different mines can have a higher concentration of naturally forming minerals, ultimately changing the shape or color of the stone’s matrix. For this reason, artists must work with designs already made by nature to craft something truly beautiful.

Another recent occurrence is the rise of Kingman turquoise jewelry. If you’re new to turquoise jewelry, you might not know that many turquoise mines around the world have stopped producing altogether. However, the Kingman mine in Arizona seems to be thriving, trying to fill the current demand.

People looking to embrace the Boho style, should also know that somewhere around 90-95 percent of turquoise jewelry sold in stores and online is fake. The best defense against scammers is buying your Boho chic jewelry from reputable sites, that advertise the specifics of their turquoise and the artists that make them. You should also take the time to research how to tell the difference between real turquoise and fake.

TurquoiseJewelry wants people to be artistic, creative, and most importantly themselves at TurquoiseJewelry.com.

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