New Procedure Specifically Designed for the Aging Male Face Now Available at The Glasgold Group

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New Jersey based doctors Robert and Mark Glasgold recommend lift surgeries to help male patients attain a younger appearance.

Dr. Robert Glasgold and his brother Mark of The Glasgold Group, a New Jersey based plastic surgery practice often referred to as one of the best in the Garden State, announced that they are now offering direct neck lift surgeries to help their male patients combat signs of aging. According to the Glasgold doctors, a direct neck lift procedure removes the excess skin and fat from the neck, chin and jawline, thus restoring and revealing the angular shape of the male jaw while firming and tightening the overall area. As a result, an enhanced youthful and athletic appearance takes the place of sagging and loosening skin.

“In older men, what we call the ‘turkey gobbler neck’ is often the most prominent aging element on the face,” explains Dr. Robert Glasgold. “As our faces age, they become squarer in shape – this can be troublesome for most women, but this can actually make some men look more masculine. Indeed, to enhance the squarer jawline we address the neck, which can have a dramatic effect on a man’s overall youthful appearance.”

As men age, the skin around the neck and jawline tends to loosen and sag, resulting in what doctors such as Robert and Mark Glasgold call the “double chin” or aforementioned “turkey neck.” Due mainly to age, this phenomenon forces most men to notice a loss of elasticity beginning in their late 30s to early 40s, but it can also be caused by such factors as a genetic predisposition, excess weight or poor lifestyle habits.

“’Men look better as they age’ – that’s all I hear, all the time, from my female patients,” says Dr. Mark Glasgold. “This is because as the face starts to droop, it becomes squarer at the bottom, which is an appealing masculine trait. Our direct lift procedure refines and improves upon this natural look, and appearing more youthful is an important part of staying relevant in today’s work environment for many male businesspeople. Men have reported to us that they have more confidence in both their professional and personal lives as a result of this relatively easy procedure.”

The direct lift procedure, as offered by The Glasgold Group, begins with an incision down the center of the neck to remove excess skin and fat while tightening the “droopy” muscle. Placing the incision down the middle of the neck rather than behind the ears, say the Glasgold doctors, allows the clinic’s staff greater access to the platysma, the muscle which is responsible for that “banded” look, so it can be more easily repaired. What’s more, this incision also provides direct access to the majority of the fat accumulation, allowing for far more effective results in getting rid of the turkey neck and reshaping the neck and jawline, according to Glasgold Group representatives.

“Patients can rest assured knowing that we have been addressing the concerns of plastic surgery patients for many years at The Glasgold Group,” concludes the Glasgold brothers. “With our direct neck targeted solution, we have already received very high patient satisfaction – in fact, we find that this procedure creates a much better neck contour than a traditional face and neck lift, with a quicker recovery time to boot.”

The Glasgold Group is located at 31 River Road in Highland Park and can be reached by calling (732) 846-6540. For more information visit

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