PNP Robotics Announces The World’s First Intelligent Dog Crate, Designed as a Natural Remedy for Dog Anxiety

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PNP Robotics announces the first production model of the Zencrate - the world’s first intelligent dog crate engineered specifically to control and eliminate anxiety in dogs.

Zencrate features

The Zencrate is full of high-tech features for your dog

"When my friend told me about the high-tech dog crate and how it works, I was instantly intrigued. The more I learn about the Zencrate, the more excited I am about getting my hands on one and giving Dusty a safe and comfortable place while I’m gone.”

The Zencrate was created by mechanical engineers, Chris Lightcap and Jonathan Azevedo, who wanted to address dog anxiety through technology. Using proximity sensors, sound therapy, and vibration-dampening technology, along with a philosophy that is sympathetic to the reasoning behind fear in dogs, the PNP team has likely forever updated the dog crate. From a set-it-and-forget-it piece of ugly hardware, to a plush, smart, and luxurious den that any dog can call home.

The Zencrate Features:

  •     Motion-activated music & smart playlists – The Zencrate has proximity sensors which lets the crate know when it’s occupied. Dogs entering the Zencrate will enjoy a curated playlist that adjusts the tracks based upon the dog’s preferences. The crate is constantly recording data of when the dog enters and leaves and which tracks were being played at the time of action. The playlist will continuously change in real time based on the dog’s preferences. Through scientific research, all of the music within the playlists has been specifically selected based on results in having a calming effect on canines.
  •     WiFi enabled – The Zencrate comes ready to transmit data through WiFi. It can let the owner know via text message or email when the dog enters or leaves the crate. The add-on WiFi camera will give the owner the ability to see his or her dog via a web browser, at any time and any place. This gives dog owners a piece of mind, knowing they can check in on their dog whenever and wherever they want. The mobile app will provide metrics on when and how often the dog is enjoying the crate.
  •     Battery backup – Even in the event that the power goes out, the Zencrate will still operate with its battery backup to keep the dog nice and calm. Once the power resumes the battery will automatically be recharged.
  •     Sound insulation - The Zencrate is engineered to keep the sound from the motion-activated music local and inside the crate. Additionally, the insulation creates a safe environment for the dog, one that’s isolated from external loud sounds like thunderstorms, fireworks or heavy machinery.
  •     Orthopedic memory foam - The Zencrate replaces the unresponsive pads of the traditional dog crate with orthopedic memory foam that responds in real time to the movements of the dog, assuring a comfortable resting position every time the dog comes into the crate.
  •     Motion-activated fan - Dogs will experience a real time temperature controlled environment with the motion-activated fan that is only active while the dog occupies the crate.
  •     Vibration dampening feet – not only are loud sounds from thunderstorms isolated and reduced inside the Zencrate, the vibration-dampening feet have been specifically selected to reduce vibration from the natural frequencies of thunderstorms or fireworks, which are between 20 and 100 Hertz (Hz)
  •     Removable door insert - Certain dogs love isolation when resting, and other dogs are claustrophobic. The removable door insert of the Zencrate gives owners a response for both situations.
  •     Assembly – The ZenCrate has been designed with simplicity in mind as it does not require a single tool to assemble. With each piece engineered to snap or slide together the entire assembly process takes less than five minutes. All of the electronics are pre-installed and have a single wire harness for the owner to connect and plug into the wall.

The Philosophy of the Zencrate

Although the features of the Zencrate are engineered to improve the lifestyle of the dog through technological advancements, the philosophy of the dog crate was the first thing that had to change in order for the product to actually accomplish its goal of reducing dog anxiety. The best part about the Zencrate, is that owners with anxious dogs will no longer need to medicate them.

The PNP Robotics team realized that every dog responds differently to the world, so they designed each of the crate’s features to be organized in a customized and synchronized fashion based upon the real-time needs of the dog.

The Look of the Zencrate
The Zencrate is designed to be aesthetically pleasing as well as technologically advanced. The physical look of the Zencrate invites owners to place it within any home interior, inviting more engagement with the pet through closer physical proximity that does not clash with the decor of a house.

Zencrate is currently undergoing clinical testing in animal shelters and veterinarian offices. Individuals may visit the Zencrate website at [ __title__ for more information.

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