Customer Adoption of Morf Playbook Enterprise Talent Development and Compliance Training Platform for the Smartphone Gains Momentum

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Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Device Manufacturers and Suppliers, Oil and Gas, Financial Services Companies and Training Distribution Partners Worldwide Adopt Morf Playbook Smartphone Platform for Training and Skill-Building Initiatives

Morf Playbook HR Talent Development Platform with Compliance Training

Having a solid educational foundation with the AMI Mortgage Master course on my mobile with Morf Playbook helped me to really feel confident in taking the National Test.

Morf Media USA Inc., the premier provider of enterprise training on smartphones and mobile devices for global manufacturers, suppliers and services companies, is gaining momentum for its Morf Playbook™ smartphone platform. Enterprise customers across industry, ranging from healthcare organizations to life sciences companies, oil and gas and financial services are adopting the platform as a more cost-effective solution to engage their teams in critical training. In its second quarter since the launch of Morf Playbook, revenue and strategic partner agreements are exceeding goal. New partner marketing and distribution agreements with ComplianceOnline, World Compliance Seminars, The Growth Company, Strategic Compliance Partners and America’s Mortgage Institute are driving the adoption of Morf Playbook at multinational companies and small and medium businesses (SMB).

Designed specifically for use on smartphones, Morf Playbook delivers just in time micro-courses to reinforce live training at seminars, add key information to Webinars and test understanding. It’s proving to be a simpler, better and more cost-effective way to create, deliver, engage in and measure skill building, compliance training and more.

Nationally-recognized expert in the field of workplace bullying, Lynne Curry, CEO of The Growth Company, commented on the power of training delivered via Morf Playbook: “I had a special interest in identifying a high quality, cost-effective, time- efficient method for training and raising awareness among managers and employees concerning bullying and harassment. Bullying is an epidemic, a situation faced by three to four out of every U.S. workers, and a hot potato for leaders, managers, supervisors and employees. As a trainer and a training manager (who has provided training programs to more than four thousand clients in fourteen states since 1978), I want high quality, engaging materials and I don’t always have time to develop them. And if you offer me a choice between trying to corral attendees into a conference room, and dealing with emails letting me know attendees can’t make the training date due to workload or illness – or – a smartphone training solution that allows me to say ‘access your smartphone during the next 48 hours for 15 to 30 minutes,’ I vote for option two.”

Investment in training can improve a company’s profitability. Poor performance often results when employees don’t know what they’re supposed to do, how to do their jobs or why they need to work a certain way. In the Mortgage Industry, America’s Mortgage Institute created a complete curriculum for training new loan officers with its AMI Mortgage Master Program, now on Morf Playbook. David Cantrell, a new loan originator with American Family Funding found that the AMI Mortgage Master Program gave him the education he needed to successfully pass the National SAFE Test with a 92% passing score. “Having a solid educational foundation with the AMI Mortgage Master course helped me to really feel confident in taking the National Test. Plus, being able to complete the course on my mobile phone allowed me to review the course material anytime, anywhere,” added Cantrell.

Morf Playbook delivers just in time training that allows professionals to learn, take quizzes and follow up on the details they need to know to be at their best, anytime, anywhere, online or offline with its unique text to voice Audio Book capability.

Supports Training and Mentoring ROI

Morf Playbook is designed to support mentoring and training on your phone and online. “We know that mentoring is effective in terms of ROI.” said Roy Hanif, founder of Morf Media. “In a Sun Microsystems mentoring program, participants had a retention rate 23% higher than nonparticipants, and the mentors had a retention rate 20% higher than nonparticipants, saving Sun an estimated $6.7 million. Sun also found that mentoring programs increased the level of trust in organizational leadership. The power of training is measureable and with Morf Playbook, it’s even more cost-effective than ever before.”

About Morf Media USA Inc.

Morf Media is mobilizing the future of enterprise talent development and compliance training with Morf Playbook™ training delivered on smartphones, mobile devices and PCs. Morf Playbook is a patented platform for creating, delivering and tracking training for employees, managers, partners and customers. Global training distributors have adopted Morf Playbook to deliver their proprietary courses via the smartphone to increase reach to professionals on the go.
With its rapid course uploading tools with automatic gamification, Morf Playbook delivers interactive training experiences and communications using a variety of media, including audiobooks and video. Social feedback and 360 performance tools empower users to measure and enhance their performance with every project. Human Resource (HR) and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) program leaders use Morf Playbook to boost training effectiveness and reduce training costs by more than 70% with just-in-time interval training delivered via mobile devices.

Founded in 2013 by a seasoned management team, the company is based in San Francisco with offices in the Silicon Valley. For more information about Morf Media USA Inc. USA, please visit:

Heidi Wieland
Vice President Marketing of Morf Media USA Inc.

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