An Educational Website Created To Help Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Pulmonary Embolism (PE), An Unexpected Killer Of Athletes!

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Dr. Mansoor Mirza, President and CEO of Travel Medicine Inc., along with Dr. John Livermore and Dr. Awais Siddique, have created a website to help prevent the life-threatening blood clots caused by delayed or missed diagnosis of health care providers despite classic symptoms.

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After seeing far too many people die from DVT/PE and treating what could have been preventable damage, Dr. Mirza created a website, His goal is to help educate about risk factors, prevention, and recovery from DVT/PE for people of all ages and professions.

According to the National Blood Clot Alliance, the life-threatening conditions of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE) in athletes are often delayed or missed by health care providers despite classic symptoms. Dr. Mansoor Mirza would like to change that and help prevent life-threatening blood clots.

DVT is a blood clot in a deep vein. PE happens when a piece or the entire clot breaks off and goes to the lungs.

DVT/PE is more common in elderly or ill people, and young athletes are typically young and healthy. That makes it easier to mistake DVT for a muscle injury, sprained ankle, shin splints, or a Charlie horse while PE might be labeled pneumonia or exercise-induced asthma.

However, there are certain activities and health histories that make athletes susceptible to blood clots and raise their risk enough that DVT/PE needs to be ruled out before a less severe diagnosis is given.

Travel that lasts for more than two hours can lead to clots, and any athlete who experiences even mild dehydration is at greater risk. Endurance sports, trauma, taking birth control pills, a lower heart rate, and a family history of blood clots also make DVT/PE more likely.

Every athlete, from young beginners to elite players, is susceptible. Tennis player Serena Williams suffered a PE and was unable to play for almost 12 months when she developed a PE. Former NBA player Jerome Kersey lost his life to it.

In addition to helping doctors become more aware of the risk factors for young athletes, Dr. Mirza would like to help athletes, coaches, and trainers be aware of the symptoms so they can immediately seek life-saving help and prevent needless pain and extended recovery times.

Not only can that information save lives, knowing the activities and factors that predispose athletes can lead to prevention.

To learn if you or a loved one are at risk for DVT/PE, find out how to prevent this life-threatening condition, and gain access to a free video series on DVT and silent killers, visit

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