Dietitian Launches National Weight Education Website

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Dietitian and diabetes educator Millie Shedorick MS, RD, announces a new national weight and nutrition education program at To celebrate the launch, new members can receive one month free.

"Diets often cause weight gain. Teaching weight and nutrition education is key to changing thoughts and eating habits"

Registered dietitian and diabetes educator Millie Shedorick MS, RD, announces the launch of a much-needed, low cost national weight and nutrition education program at her new website, The program teaches an easy way to understand food that helps users make choices to provide consistent weight, health and nutrition information for a confused nation.

To celebrate the launch, new users can receive one month free.

This at-home, weight and nutrition program features educational videos with audio-guided imagery that reinforces each structured session. It also contains motivators, tips on how to deal with emotional eating, and meal ideas that are easy to do.

Dieters often gain weight from the emotional stress of dieting. The word "diet" has come to require restrictions, misery and struggle to lose weight and be healthy. People are either “on-a-diet” or “off-a-diet”. As a result, diets become negative with feelings of "I can't, I shouldn't”, that creates cravings.

Author of the book "The On-a-Diet, Off-a-Diet Syndrome," Shedorick has studied many patients’ diet histories and finds that most have been on numerous “diets,” even losing 70 to 100 pounds. However, they often regain the weight and sometimes more. This is because they never were taught about food and how to maintain weight during their weight loss journey. They only learned restriction, never learning to make choices and balance mistakes.

Shedorick does not criticize diets, just the thought of "dieting." She says to use them for low calorie, healthy eating and to pick the favorites that one enjoys. People like pleasure. Everyone wants to feel satisfied, not deprived. Instead of learning to restrict oneself, learn to satisfy.

To this end, the program focuses on understanding food, weight loss and health, made simple. The approach is learning how to eat, not how not to eat, and to change emotions toward health issues and the desire to feel good.

Shedorick said, “There are many preventable diseases caused by what we eat and our sedentary lifestyle. I find that adults, let alone children, do not really understand food. They are confused by the abundance of food and conflicting information. They are overwhelmed with millions of ‘diets’ and the ‘world of no’s.’

“Teaching adults will filter down to children thereby changing lifestyles to halt the current obesity epidemic and related health issues. Change starts with wanting to, then you have to learn how to. Weight and nutrition education is the best way to change eating habits to learn about food to make choices and balance mistakes. There is a desperate need for simple, useable weight and nutrition education. I realized I needed to teach weight education on a larger scale.”

To get more information on weight loss and nutrition education along with emotional eating please visit the website,

About Millie Shedorick, MS, RD

Millie Shedorick, MS, RD has been a clinical nutritionist for over 35 years, helping people to modify behaviors to lose weight and meet nutritional needs for optimal health. Shedorick is also a Certified Diabetes Educator and a Home Economist with many years of experience as a Director of Nutrition and Food Service writing policies, meal plans, menus and recipes.

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