Dynamite Fireworks Provides Fourth of July Fireworks Safety Advice

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As the Fourth of July holiday approaches, Dynamite Fireworks owner Kris Zambo wants to address the top safety considerations when dealing with home fireworks.

As the Fourth of July is the biggest fireworks holiday of the year, Dynamite Fireworks owner Kris Zambo wants to address the top safety considerations when dealing with home fireworks.

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, a whopping 60% of all fireworks injuries occur during the month surrounding the Fourth of July. More than half are burns to the face, head, or hands, and thousands require emergency hospital treatment. Although the numbers are staggering, most injuries are caused by improper use or misfires.

It is important to remember that no matter how high the product quality, individual users must take the needed precautions to protect themselves and their families. Here are the top five safety tips from Dynamite Fireworks.

1. Common Sense
Fireworks should be launched only within a cleared safety zone, with a bucket of water or fire extinguisher standing nearby. Fireworks should never be pointed at any person or object, and duds should be thoroughly soaked rather than relit. Children and pets should be kept well away from the safety zone, teens should be supervised at all times, and the designated fireworks lighter should be sober.

2. No Homemade or Illegal Fireworks
Cherry Bombs, M80s, and similar fireworks have been banned at the consumer level since the 1960s due to their high degree of danger and unpredictability. Homemade fireworks do not undergo rigorous quality control testing, and could behave differently than expected. Professional grade fireworks are not designed for use within the confines of a backyard, and often require special handling. For safety, only professionally made, high-quality, consumer grade fireworks should be used.

Dynamite Fireworks also points out that what is legal varies from state to state and even county to county. Fireworks users should check their state and local ordinances before making their purchasing decisions.

3. Education is Vital
It is important for users to become educated about the specific fireworks that they will use. Some fireworks travel a great distance into the air before exploding. Some crawl across the ground. Some have surprising novelty effects. Knowing exactly what to expect from each type of firework will help users be prepared for each possible scenario.

4. Sparklers Can Be Deceptive
Although they are highly popular at weddings and children’s parties, sparklers actually burn hot enough to melt gold. They are reasonably safe when handled properly, but must always be treated with respect. Children should be closely supervised and given detailed safety instructions. Sparkler users should wear non-flammable clothing without loose sleeves or hanging accessories, and should tie back long hair. Used sparklers should be thoroughly soaked in water before being set down or thrown away.

5. Prompt Treatment Is Essential
Despite safety precautions, it is not always possible to prevent every fireworks-related injury. If someone is injured, prompt medical treatment is vital. Picking at the wound, as well as many common home treatments, could actually worsen the injury. Running cool water over skin burns can help stop the damage, but eye injuries should not be touched except by medical professionals. Most fireworks injuries are relatively minor, and respond well to quick treatment by a professional.

About Dynamite Fireworks
Less than 1 mile from the Indiana-Illinois state line, Dynamite Fireworks is the closest fireworks store to Chicago, and is open year-round. Visit Dynamite Fireworks at 4218 Calumet Ave, Hammond, IN. Call (219) 937-4090 for more information, or go to https://dynamitefireworks.com/.

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