Blue Voodoo Tech Announces Feature Film “Razor” Starring Sid Haig. Movie Releases Friday June 17, 2016 on iTunes

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Blue Voodoo Tech Announces Feature Film “Razor” Starring Sid Haig. Movie Releases Friday June 17, 2016 on iTune. Pre-order now!

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‪Sid Haig‬ of Rob Zombie ‪‎Devils Rejects‬ says: "if you rub pee on yourself it throws ‪Razor‬ off and he can't smell your Hypocrisy!" (Told you it's politically incorrect) JUNE 17th Pre-Order on iTunes NOW!

Blue Voodoo Tech announces the release of "Razor” releasing june 17, 2016 James P. Lay feature film. Written and directed by James P. Lay. (James previously was a top A-list sound designer for Films for Brad Pitt ,Will Smith, Steven Spielberg,and Francis Ford Coppola)."Razor" is a very quirky original, sarcastic, absurdist comedy starring Sid Haig (of Rob Zombies Devil's Rejects). Razor is shot in a live action, comic book stylized format like the Spiderman films. The storyline utilizes a hypocrisy sniffng Hyena named Razor who its owners, a hybrid religious cult called the "Puritans" (something of a mixture of Scientology and the Amish) believe Razor is a gift from God who tells them who is good and bad.

The film takes the audience on quite a quirky ride with three different sets of characters all crossing paths with our hypocrisy sniffing Hyena Razor. There is "Jake" a struggling minor league baseball pitcher with a nervous arm (John Fremont) and his sweet girlfriend "Violet" (Tanya Dempsey) who tries to get him help by taking him out to Arizona to see her no nonsense "Aunt Rose" (Patricia Forte-Boogie Nights/Magnolia). There is King of Hill infuenced character "Ernie" who is portrayed by Blake Lively's father, Ernie Lively (Dukes of Hazard), who likes to pound the bible with one hand while pounding a beer with his other hand! Ernie and his sidekick "Bill" (Bill Dear-Angels in the Outfeld/Harry and the Hendersons) like to work on their broken down Cadillac and discuss the merits of the "right way to live" while Ernie keeps tabs on his daughter with a hidden video camera in her bedroom. The legendary C. Thomas Howell (Outsiders/The Hitcher/The Amazing Spider-Man) makes a cameo as the mysterious gas station attendant. Finally, we meet Margarita and Carlos, two illegal aliens being brought across the border by a "Coyote" of some questionable German descent, only problem is Margarita is from a well to do Hispanic family from Mexico City and has little interest in her boyfriends attempt to relocate them to USA, she thinks she's going shopping in Beverly Hills! The story takes a bite out of hypocrites at the same time pokes fun at the tremendous amount of forked tongue talk in the world today. Contains Spanish subtitles.

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