Lizzies Lice Pickers Is Now Providing Treatment Services For Super Lice Which Is Lice That Resists Common Pyrethroids Treatment

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Lizzie’s Lice Pickers is a professional lice removal service. We specialize in the identification and removal of head lice on children and adults usingnon-toxic, natural, multi-enzyme-based, and hypoallergenic product.

Lizzies Lice Pickers

Lice are blood sucking parasites that have been around for millions of years and, unfortunately, they thrive in the comfort of a persons clean hair. While previously exterminated by use of over the counter treatments, lice began to develop immunities to chemical after chemical thrown at them. Now, we are left with super lice – similar to “super bugs” that are immune to antibiotics- and they are running rampant! Not only do lice cause physical discomfort, they’re embarrassing to carry and need to be taken care of quickly and knowledgeably.

Lizzie’s Lice Pickers is now offering expert nit picking services to Orange County to combat these super lice! The highly trained professionals will manually comb through and treat the clients hair with a non-toxic enzyme to rid the scalp of lice and lice eggs. From mild cases of head lice to those that are more severe in nature, we guarantee that we can help find relief from the itching and scratching that results from these vile parasites.

If the analysis confirms that a client does indeed have head lice, then either a technician can manually remove the parasite or the patient can take a kit home and perform the treatment. Once a technician has picked through the patients hair and removed a majority of lice and eggs, an enzyme treatment will be applied.

The enzyme treatment that Lizzie's Lice Pickers use is non-toxic but still 99.8% effective in the removal of head lice. Not only is it safe for skin and body, but it also effectively disables and prevents lice from spreading by breaking down the parasite’s exoskeleton and weakening the bond between lice eggs on hair shafts. The enzyme is all natural and even hypoallergenic!

Lizzie’s Lice Pickers offers:

  •     Head Checks
  •     DIY Treatment Packages
  •     Mild and Severe Case Treatment Packages via technician removal
  •     School/Camp Screenings

Shortly after the owner’s daughter had a run-in with the parasite, she went to work for a professional lice removal company. In 2015 she went out on her own and founded Lizzie’s Lice Pickers. She wanted to help others with this embarrassing and inconvenient problem, and has now professionally been doing so for three years. With the help of highly trained, child friendly technicians, the clinic is helping to keep sunny Orange County that much safer from lice.
Visit to schedule an appointment or find more information about our clinic and services. The Lizzie's Lice Pickers blog and website also contain helpful tips and preventative measures people can use to keep lice at bay. We are open throughout the day and into the night for clientele convenience.


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