Huaptec released new HiBoost mobile signal boosters with LCD display

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Intelligent LCD display on a mobile booster guarantees a new easy level of system maintenance and assistance in installation.

Cell Phone Signal Booster HiBoost

Cell Phone Signal Repeater HiBoost

We’re permanently on course for upgrading our solutions. The basis for it is Huaptec independent R&D Department, the well of innovative ideas and unflagging energy to put them to life.

This year Huaptec Co. Ltd., the world’s leader in cellular signal enhancement solutions, came up at the market with a revolutionary new product. It’s a mobile signal booster for home and office use equipped with LCD display. Apart from LCD the booster is powered by intelligent self-adaptive software that automatically adjusts booster system performance even under the most complicated cellular signal conditions.

LCD display on the booster is not just a thing for appearance. As the producer puts it, the screen has a few precise functions intended to ensure easier product maintenance for users. First of all, the screen displays three main system parameters, such as frequency the booster works on, gain and output power. If the repeater supports more than one frequency band, the display will show these values for each of the bands in turn. Thanks to system parameters displayed, the user is always aware of the way the booster performs in real time.

Additionally, the display allows taking timely measure if some malfunction occurs. The system detects an exact kind of problem and displays it on the screen with one of two abbreviations – ALC or ISO. Before the user had only Alarm indication LED flashing red and giving no explanation what’s going on wrong. Now having learnt abbreviation expansion appeared on the display in the manual, the user will know what is necessary to fix.    

One more important LCD display function is assistance in installation. How well a mobile signal booster improves a signal inside the property depends on how well its installation is performed. The crucial part of booster installation lies in outdoor antenna mounting. It’s possible to determine its best position and direction due to the display. The user should just connect the booster to the outdoor antenna and plug it in a power supply. The place where the screen shows maximum rated output power value is the best to fix an outdoor antenna.    

Smart software an LCD booster comes with has a name of AGC or automatic gain control. It’s advanced system that self-adjusts best parameters suitable exactly for the area where the booster is installed. AGC automatically measures outdoor signal strength coming from the nearest cell tower and balances booster signal enhancement strength according to it. Since mobile operators and the booster work on one and the same frequencies, it also serves to prevent even slightest interference with operator networks.    

HiBoost LCD devices are also coming in quite a new model selection. Traditionally, producers limit their selection to models working on two and three bands simultaneously, but Huaptec moved forward and offered 5-band signal repeaters with LCD display. The uniqueness of 5-band booster is in the ability to cover all major networks. This way the product resolves the question of booster compatibility with various cellular operators worldwide at a time.

Here are the thoughts about HiBoost LCD product line of Huaptec EU Office Director, Inesa Brown: “We’re permanently on course for upgrading our solutions. The basis for it is Huaptec independent R&D Department, the well of innovative ideas and unflagging energy to put them to life. By this summer we finished quite a daring project – mobile signal booster with LCD display. I’m more than sure that HiBoost is a game changer at the market, it’s a product that will lay the foundation of the industry future. It actually already did. You will hardly find a booster so easy to maintain and install! No ambiguity for users anymore! Just take a glance at the screen and it will consult you better than 10 support managers.”

Huaptec is one of the first major producers of mobile signal enhancement solutions that developed consumer boosters with LCD display. The company ranks first in the industry for 4 last years. Huaptec headquarters are located in Shenzhen, China and it extended its influence over three more parts of the world through regional offices established in India, the USA and Germany. The company production is concentrated on two lines: smart and simple boosters for personal use and industrial level repeaters for mobile operators’ network extension.

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