Kahuna Launches ‘Experiences,’ Uniting the Science of Machine-Learning with the Art of Building Customer Journeys

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Marketers can now optimize messages cross-channel to move customers along the path-to-purchase

Kahuna, a pioneer in cross-channel marketing automation for the mobile era, has launched Experiences, which executes the personalization and optimization of customer journeys, freeing marketers up to be the creative strategists of campaigns.

The product empowers marketers to chain and orchestrate messaging across multiple channels, and deliver personalized, timely messages to consumers based on a deep understanding of their habits and preferences. Experiences harnesses machine-learning and deep mobile integrations to optimize and tailor customer journeys to the individual behaviors of each consumer.

With Experiences, marketers can:

  • Orchestrate customer journeys: As marketers strive for personalized engagement, the complexity of managing multiple targeted segments and campaigns can get out of hand quickly. With Experiences, marketers can stitch together a path of customer segments that are defined by behavioral, demographic and lifecycle data. Using those paths, marketers can craft optimal message flows across channels that nudge customers along the path toward purchase and marketing goals.
  • Coordinate messaging across channels: Marketers often push the same message to the same customer across all channels, bombarding consumers with repetitive and impersonal communications. Kahuna solves this by coordinating personal and distinct messages across multiple channels such as email, mobile push and in-app notifications. Experiences optimizes for preferences across these channels, leading to more efficient customer engagement, fewer app uninstalls, more opt-ins and increased ROI.
  • Personalize messages based on full behavioral profiles: Most marketers are still stuck reacting to the last action a consumer has taken — a website they have browsed, an ad they have clicked or a search term they have entered. Kahuna harnesses deeper insights into the full history of the consumer, allowing marketers to send messages that resonate with the consumer’s true preferences, not just the last action they took online or in an app.
  • Optimize conversion using machine-learning: With so many variables at play, getting the right message to the right person at the right time often becomes a guessing game with sub-optimal results. Kahuna’s RevIQ machine-learning algorithms take care of the heavy lifting, automatically picking optimal send times and message content across channels, driving higher customer engagement and goal conversion rates.
  • Implement journey campaigns in minutes: While other marketing automation systems and customer relationship management systems require a full engineering overhaul and months of laborious technical work, Kahuna’s Experiences can be launched with a few clicks and without any extensive engineering or complicated integrations. Users can be added, campaigns can be refined and integrations can be completed affordably and efficiently.
  • Leverage real-time data to optimize campaigns: Marketers are constantly tracking both conversion and attrition metrics. Kahuna’s real-time data stream self-optimizes each campaign for each customer, allowing them to take different paths to purchase or engagement, based on the most relevant and timely data.

“Customers’ expectations for brands to communicate in personal ways outpaces brands’ ability to deliver personal messaging at scale,” said Mihir Nanavati, senior vice president of product for Kahuna. “Experiences is a game changer for marketers who want to use a mobile-first customer journey strategy to engage customers across all channels with content that’s relevant at the individual level.”

Experiences is now available in beta for select customers. To apply, please email info(at)kahuna(dot)com or sign up at https://www.kahuna.com/contact/. To learn more about Experiences, visit https://www.kahuna.com/experiences/.

About Kahuna
Kahuna is a pioneer in cross-channel marketing automation for the mobile era. We enable a new level of authentic engagement between brands and their customers through personalized multichannel experiences across all customer touchpoints — web, email, mobile, and social. Powered by big data and machine learning, we help create delightful experiences for every customer with the perfect message, delivered on the right channel, at just the right time.

Kahuna is trusted by Yelp, Overstock.com, CNN, and hundreds of other leading brands. Headquartered in Silicon Valley and with offices in New York, Kahuna was founded in 2012 and is funded by Sequoia Capital, SoftTech VC, Tenaya Capital, and others.

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