Record Sales of ProSounds by Axil’s New H2P Shows Consumers Ready for Affordable Hearing Enhancement/Protection

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Long-time world leader in hearing technology for hunters and shooters introduces H2P ear-buds on crowdfunding website, offering a more affordable option for the estimated 48 million who suffer from hearing loss in the U.S.

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“Hearing loss is one the most common health issues in the world, and 90 percent of people suffering from it don't have access to affordable, reliable hearing enhancement.”

Record sales of the Hear-2-Protect (H2P) hearing protection and enhancement device launched last week on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo indicates there is strong consumer demand for affordable hearing devices, according to ProSounds President and Innovator Weston Harris.

"We knew there was interest in this product before we launched the campaign, but the sales were exceptional the first two days and really emphasized the need for the H2P in the marketplace,” Harris said. “Hearing loss is one the most common health issues in the world, and 90 percent of people suffering from it don't have access to affordable, reliable hearing enhancement.”

According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, about 48 million in the U.S. report some degree of hearing loss – representing about 20 percent of country’s population. At age 65, one-out-of-three people suffer from hearing loss – and about 60 percent of the people with hearing loss are either in the work force or in educational settings.

“The H2P offers an affordable solution for those who already have some hearing loss, or those in loud work settings who want to avoid it, which is why we believe our campaign is going so well,” Harris added. “For those seniors or any others who are hesitant to purchase a hearing aid due to the cost, H2P offers them a way to improve their hearing by as much as six-times for less than $300 – compared to traditional, old-school hearing aids that can cost $2,000 or more.”

Weston notes that during the crowdfunding campaign, which ends on July 22, people can purchase H2P for $200 less than the retail cost. New backers are also still eligible for bonuses including a limited edition H2P in white – and additional bonuses that will be announced as the campaign continues over the coming weeks.

Axil, which has produced hearing protection devices exclusively for hunters through its SportEar Brand successfully for many years, has brought that technology to the consumer market with the ProSounds H2P – a high-performance hearing device for people in construction, motorsports, and musicians and industrial workers, along with shooters and hunters.

H2P is an all-in-one solution for hearing protection and enhancement, protecting hearing by automatically blocking out any noise exceeding 85 decibels, and its various foam and silicone tips reduce the damaging levels of noise by up to 30 decibels. Even with protective tips and digital noise reduction, H2P’s digitally-enhanced, high-fidelity surround sound ensures conversations and other useful noises can be heard easily – and from a device no thicker than a quarter inch, effectively eliminating the inconvenience and discomfort of most over-the-ear hearing protection and enhancement devices.

H2P combines the latest technology with total comfort and performance and gives the user complete control of their level of hearing enhancement and protection in any situation. The H2P fits snugly in the conchaor "bowl “of the external ear, with the tip sealing the ear canal. They come with three unique tips: foam, silicone and tulip tips. The foam tips offer maximum levels of hearing protection, and the silicone tips offer superior comfort.

For people who are concerned with only sound enhancement, the tulip tips are designed to fit in the ear canal without sealing it completely – which leaves the ear open to receive natural sound while H2P digitally enhances sounds that are out of range of the user’s natural hearing level. The tulip tip is exclusively for sound enhancement and does not provide hearing protection.

Additional features include:

● 100 percent Lynx Digital Ear, which can boost hearing up to six times normal levels
● Digital Compression Hearing Protection of any noise exceeding 85 decibels
● 30 decibel noise-reducing foam tips
● Silicone tips rated for 24 decibel noise reduction
● Tulip Tips for total hearing enhancement
● A sleek design that is virtually invisible when worn properly

The ProSounds H2P is available for preorder on Indiegogo with early-bird pricing starting at $299 -- $200 off the suggested retail price. For more information, and to preorder ProSounds H2P, visit

About ProSounds
ProSounds is dedicated to designing and manufacturing innovative hearing devices to improve the lives of individuals by offering unmatched hearing protection and enhancement products. On a daily basis, their highly skilled engineers, technical and sales associates demonstrate their vision for product excellence, superior service, unconditional integrity and customer value. For more information, visit

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