Weight Loss Surgery Patients’ Health after Ten Years Highlights the Importance of Bariatric Surgery as a Long-Term Weight Loss Solution, notes Dr. Feiz & Associates

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Commenting on a recent article, the Los Angeles based bariatric surgery center notes that the new study is just one more addition to the increasingly overwhelming body of evidence supporting the effectiveness of weight loss procedures.

Patients can experience long-term health benefits provided by weight loss surgery.

Dr. Feiz & Associates note that these findings add to the incredible amount of proven long term health benefits that severely obese patients are likely to experience once undergoing bariatric surgery.

According to an article published June 27 on Fox News, a study was conducted on patients who had undergone bariatric surgery ten years ago. The article explains that a majority of the patients were able to keep the weight off and were also successfully able to avoid or completely remedy weight-related health complications that they had prior to losing the weight. Dr. Feiz & Associates note that these findings add to the incredible amount of proven long term health benefits that severely obese patients are likely to experience once undergoing bariatric surgery. The practice notes that their patients, like the patients in the study, have been successful in maintaining their weight loss and co-morbidity resolution at ten years. In many instances, they are doing better than the national average in terms of sustained weight loss. They believe that experience and practicing at high volume centers has made this accomplishment possible. The Los Angeles bariatric surgery practice goes on to note that weight loss surgery can drastically improve a number of life-threatening health conditions, including:

Type 2 Diabetes- Perhaps the most common health condition that severely obese patients encounter is type 2 diabetes. Dr. Feiz & Associates note that, once a patient loses weight after undergoing bariatric surgery, they are likely to experience improvements or even a complete remission of their diabetes. The bariatric surgery practice notes that defeating patient’s diabetes enables the patient to avoid a host of complications that can severely impact a patient’s health and quality of life. This includes such potentially life-threatening events as heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure.

GERD- While commonly known as heartburn and considered by many of us to be a fairly mild annoyance, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) can do serious damage to a patient’s esophagus. GERD causes stomach acid to repeatedly harm the esophagus and, over time, may lead to far more serious problems such as esophagitis and esophageal cancer. Dr. Feiz & Associates note that bariatric surgery helps patients suffering from GERD because it can drastically reduce the amount of stomach acid production.

Heart Disease- Severely obese patients also often suffer from serious heart problems. This may be caused when excess body weight strains the patient’s heart and prevents it from properly functioning. This puts the patient at risk of life-threatening heart attacks. Losing excess weight with bariatric surgery, notes Dr. Feiz, relieves the strain on the patient’s heart and allows it to function properly, which drastically decreases the risk of a patient suffering from life-threatening heart problems.

Dr. Feiz & Associates concludes by noting that severely obese patients can experience a drastic improvement in their health and quality of life by choosing to undergo bariatric surgery. Interested readers who would like additional information about bariatric surgery and the numerous health benefits it provides are encouraged to call Dr. Feiz & Associates at (800) 868-5946 or visit their website at http://www.DrFeiz.com.

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