Escape From Jipidara: Part 3: Revelations

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Revelations is the third book in the Jipadara trilogy, a task that has taken author Darryl Gopaul ten years to complete. Steeped in science fiction with a philosophical and spiritual bent, it tells a tale of interplanetary travel that resonates as an allegory for the history of the human race.

In this final installment, the life forms of the solar system Jipadara must leave their planets, whose sun is dying and threatens to explode in a supernova. They build three immense ships through which they hope to populate another solar system. But there is a catch, a big catch: As their sun wanes, powerful life forms from the darkness of space converge on the planet with the intention of blocking their escape. The dark forces want to absorb the Jipadarians’ own spiritual energy sources, which have accumulated throughout their history to protect their planets and inhabitants. Clearly, there is skullduggery in space.

And not only from the dark spiritual forces. There are foxes in the Jipadarian henhouse as well. The three alien civilizations populating their three planets have always been at odds about how to run things. As time winds down, it becomes obvious that huge concessions must be made by all to put their escape plan into action. For this first time in the solar system’s existence, the three civilizations are faced with having to work together in order to survive. But can civilizations with a history of fighting each other learn to co-operate in the short window they have to survive their planet’s destruction?

And that is the huge philosophical and spiritual question that author Darryl Gopaul, a retired medical microbiologist, poses in Revelations. He does so through a variety of techniques, switching points of view, commentary from other sources, and his own rich background in field of science. Gopaul’s work is ambitious, complex and challenging, a Rubik’s cube weaving religion and philosophy together in ways the reader might have thought unimaginable. This is a book that rewards a close reading.

Author Biography: After thirty years as a medical microbiologist, Darryl Gopaul took early retirement to write books and discovered he has what he calls “an obsessive enthusiasm.” He has published poems, short stories, medical books and the travelogue “Around the World in Three Underwear.” He lives in the London, Ontario, Canada area.

Revelations: Escape from Jipadara Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-9733274-1-0

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