MobilDrTech Announces Availability of FDA Class II Cleared Telemedicine Stethoscope Software for PCP-USB Stethoscope

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The new software version (PCP-SSP) integrates with the audio channel of the user's video conference platform. PCP-SSP retains the frequency filtering and local monitoring of the previous version (sSOIP Auscultation Anywhere) and does not require software installation or licensing at the physician site.

Audio transmission is simple and convenient. No software needed on the physician end. Clarity and volume superior to other streaming stethoscopes. David Abrams, MD

MobilDrTech is pleased to announce the availability of a new and simplified version of RNK’s FDA approved sSOIP telemedicine stethoscope software. This new software version is called PCP-SSP and works with RNK’s flagship PCP-USB telemedicine stethoscope. The new software, which only needs to be installed at the stethoscope local site, relieves the physician site of software installation and licensing while providing a full range of filter settings and local monitoring.

Key PCP-SSP Features:

  • Enables the stethoscope signal to be sent over the audio channel of a video conferencing connection. No separate network connection needed.
  • Can automatically mute the room audio when stethoscope sounds are being sent.
  • Provides filtering options for the clinicians to focus on heart sounds and lung sounds separately.
  • Provides a local monitor capability so that the telemedicine presenter with the patient can hear the same stethoscope sounds as the remote clinician.

Purchasing Information:

PCP-USB telemedicine stethoscopes and the new PCP-SSP software are now available for shipment from MobilDrTech. All products are shipped within 2 business days of order receipt via Federal Express 3-day delivery with expedited shipments available on request.

Pricing for PCP-SSP software is a one-time license fee of $165 per patient (stethoscope) site.

For customers whose use case is better served by a separate network connection for the stethoscope or where physician management of both the videoconference and stethoscope functions is required, the sSOIP Auscultation Anywhere software currently available will continue to be sold and supported. For existing sSOIP customers wishing to switch to PCP-SSP, license trade-in will be available.

FDA Considerations:

Remote auscultation involves two software elements on the PC: 1) stethoscope signal processing and 2) network transport. PCP-SSP lets the video conferencing equipment of the user handle the network connectivity as an MDDS, while it handles the stethoscope signal processing as an FDA cleared medical device. By performing the stethoscope signal processing functions and satisfying FDA requirements, PCP-SSP relieves the video conferencing system of both technical and regulatory responsibilities.

All electronic stethoscopes are not approved for telemedicine. For example, an electronic stethoscope with an analog connection to the microphone port of the telemedicine system PC requires that the PC perform the analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) and digital encoding. By doing that such a telemedicine system has inadvertently become subject to FDA regulations for a Class II medical device.

From A Beta Tester:

“The new software with the PCP-USB stethoscope is a significant advance for my virtual home care practice. Transmission of stethoscope sounds from the patient is made simple and convenient with no software needed on the receiving physician computer. Clarity and volume of the sounds with filtering on the exam side are far superior to other streaming digital stethoscopes I have used.” – David E. Abrams, MD – Internal Medicine, Health Nuvo – Los Angeles, CA, USA

About MobilDrTech, Inc.
Founded in 2009, and headquartered in Houston, TX, MobilDrTech, Inc. provides Value Added Reseller services to customers wanting to integrate diagnostic equipment into their telemedicine programs. The company specializes, among other things, in telemedicine stethoscope applications and provides PCP-USB stethoscopes and software for physician, institutional, clinic and home telemedicine programs in the U.S. and internationally.

About RNK Products, Inc.
Founded in 2003, RNK Products, Inc. specializes in electronic and telephonic stethoscopes, under both its own label Telehealth Technologies, and under private labels used by its Value-Added Resellers. RNK offers a range of stethoscopes to fit any institutional or home telemedicine program.

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