World’s Finest Chemical Auto Tools Available to Canadians Duty Free

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PRO-TEC Autocare, the global leader in professional chemical tools for automobile owners, now has a Canadian presence, and is seeking Canadian wholesalers and retailers.

PRO-TEC Autocare, the global leader in professional chemical tools for automobile owners, now has a Canadian presence, and is seeking Canadian wholesalers and retailers. More importantly, PRO-TEC Autocare products— engine flush, gasoline fuel injector cleaner, oil additive, diesel injector cleaner, radiator flush, and transmission flush—are available to Canadians duty free. Without import duties, Canada’s automobile owners now enjoy superior PRO-TEC Autocare products at a better price.

PRO-TEC Autocare History

Problems involved with burning one of the dirtiest forms of fuel in power plants, coal fuel, evolved into solutions adopted for cleaning up gasoline and diesel engines in the automotive world. By re-engineering coal fuel-burning technology to fit gas and diesel engines, PRO-TEC Autocare LTD started making automotive products in South Africa in 1982 to surpass Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) vehicle standards.

Known as a producer of some of the finest professional grade chemical automotive tools, for several years PRO-TEC flushes, fuel injector cleaners, and oil additives were only supplied to car dealer service centres throughout the world. PRO-TEC Autocare LLC was created in 2011 to provide its entire set of products to the United States (U.S.) general public. Automobile owners in 70 countries received access to PRO-TEC products with the website in 2016. Now, PRO-TEC products receive duty-free status to Canadians from

What Sets PRO-TEC Autocare Products Apart From the Rest

The mission of PRO-TEC Autocare is to partner with the automotive industry throughout the world in providing the best chemical tools for automotive care. By pairing recent vehicle improvements with over 30 years of advanced research, development, and refinement, PRO-TEC creates world-class products in ISO:9001 facilities for a consistently quality product.
Fuel, oil, automatic transmission fluid, and antifreeze in a hot internal combustion automotive engine break down over time, creating contaminants and sludge. PRO-TEC Autocare products not only remove impurities and the muck from inside the vehicle’s engine, its fuel delivery system, the transmission, and the engine cooling mechanism, but they also add protective qualities that boost gas mileage and help reduce vehicle emissions. The end result is often a vehicle that runs like a new automobile.

PRO-TEC Autocare Product Line

Some of the PRO-TEC Autocare products include:

  • PROTEC ENGINE FLUSH DETOX4® – This engine flush goes a step beyond a routine oil change by using solvents, detergents, and atomized cleaners to dissolve internal engine deposits down to a third of a micron. This material contains chemicals to boost your old oil’s viscosity to 96 percent, helping protect your engine during the flush. Cleaner piston rings and valve seals equal reduced engine smoke. A protective coating decreases engine heat and friction so you notice better fuel economy and engine performance.
  • FUEL SYSTEM, FUEL INJECTOR AND FUEL LINE CLEANER DETOX4® – All fuel injectors and the entire fuel delivery system is cleaned with this product that includes an emulsification agent to remove water. Two surfactants within this cleaner lessen surface tension between liquid fuel and solid parts of the fuel system, thereby boosting fuel mileage, helping exhaust emissions, preventing hard starts, and lowering engine misfire.
  • OIL LUBRICATION BOOSTER REHAB4® – This oil additive enriches engine lubrication, exceeds OEM standards by adding a protective coating that lasts up to 15,000 miles, lowers friction, and fills in scratches inside the engine’s surface. It lowers engine smoke from oil blow-by through valve stem seals at startup, reduces oil blow-by through piston rings, lessens friction on major engine parts, and extends the life of the engine.
  • AQUA DIESEL SYSTEM CLEANER DETOX4® – Diesel fuel can develop bacteria growth, fungi, and produce chemical reactions between organic compounds and unsaturated hydrocarbons. Modern diesel engines use filters to eliminate such Nitrous Oxide (NOX) particles, but inadequate combustion can fill these filters. Adding this cleaner boosts the natural cleaning process of such a filter, resulting in better fuel economy.
  • AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUSH DETOX ® – Oxidized oil residues are dissolved with this flush, thereby restoring appropriate shifting in the automatic transmission.
  • RADIATOR FLUSH DETOX ® – Scale, limestone, and contaminants in the engine’s cooling system vanish with this flush, restoring perfect cooling properties to curtail engine overheating.

Saving Money

Take your vehicle to any Canadian automotive centre and your bill will include a $70-$100 per-hour fee for just the labour. By using any of the PRO-TEC Autocare products, you not only enhance fuel economy and exhaust emissions of your vehicle, you also save several loonies on maintenance costs with your do-it-yourself approach. Add the fact that all PRO-TEC items are now duty free to Canadian customers, and you enjoy even more savings on this superior product.

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Contact: Derek Abbring, Global VP of Sales, PRO-TEC Autocare
Tel: (269) 409-1811
Email: media(at)protecautocare(dot)ca

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