OpsClarity Introduces Completely Automated Discovery and Monitoring for Containerized Applications

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Automated, reliable and scalable platform for monitoring containers, stateful data systems and everything else that modern applications require.

OpsClarity, a provider of intelligent monitoring solutions for modern applications and data infrastructure, today introduced a completely automated performance monitoring solution for dynamic and containerized applications running in either private data centers or on public clouds. OpsClarity provides a novel and scalable approach to automatically track, discover and monitor dynamic infrastructure and containers. The solution is completely devoid of cumbersome and static configuration files. It dynamically discovers the containers and the associated services in real-time, collecting operational and performance metrics and providing operational intelligence and alerts.

Modern applications are comprised of stateless microservices paired with stateful data services. They run inside containers on shared or cloud infrastructure. They leverage message brokers, stream processors, NoSQL stores and resource managers to power business critical data-driven applications. While these modern application architectures offer unprecedented levels of flexibility, scale and agility, they also introduce complexity and change. This results in operational and manageability challenges. OpsClarity tracks them in real-time using completely automated infrastructure and service discovery. It keeps up with the dynamic applications, and provides deep metric driven operational insights - all without relying on static and ageing configuration files.

“As enterprises switch their business critical applications to architectures based on microservices and modern data services that are deployed on shared containerized infrastructure, it becomes essential to efficiently manage operations at scale," said Alan Ngai, CTO and co-founder of OpsClarity. “You need a next generation solution that can automatically adapt to and understand dynamic application environments and proactively surface actionable insights. We are leveraging our roots in data science and large-scale streaming analytics to build a smart solution that brings new levels of visibility, focus, and productivity to modern software operations.”

OpsClarity monitors containerized microservices, application and data services across thousands of servers, VMs or cloud instances. The solution can continue to monitor even as microservices and data services are constantly changing or being moved around by resource managers like Mesos, Kubernetes and Docker Swarm. In addition to being easy to install either on-premise or on public cloud infrastructure, OpsClarity provides DevOps teams with immediate visibility and insights from Day 1. This leads to operational improvements such as high availability, easy scalability and zero-downtime.

OpsClarity provides the following benefits for modern containerized applications:

  • Automatic discovery for applications/services and containerized environments: OpsClarity automatically discovers dynamic infrastructure and application components and code changes based on process signatures, network connections and code change events. It applies advanced data science and artificial intelligence to accurately identify components, collect metrics and configure monitoring. This not only removes tedious, time-consuming configuration, but also provides DevOps engineers with real-time, up to date visibility of their applications and infrastructure.
  • Zero-friction monitoring for dockerized services: Monitoring services can be complicated depending on whether the application placement inside the container is static or dynamic and how the respective ports are mapped. Rather than manually updating monitoring configuration to map internal docker ports with external host ports, which are constantly changing, OpsClarity completely automates this repetitive task.
  • Docker container metrics: OpsClarity collects all the system level metrics for Docker, including CPU, memory, network, I/O usage and provides aggregations based on automatic tagging across applications, services, regions, containers, hosts and logical constructs like data pipelines.
  • Correlation of metrics and concerns across applications, services, containers and hosts: OpsClarity automatically correlates metrics and provides a top down view of the health of applications and allows infinite drill down from applications to the services, containers and hosts, in that order, for logical and quicker analysis. This is all automatically configured and visualized.

Enterprises today face the same challenges web companies like Netflix, Facebook, Google and Twitter face around developer efficiency, operational efficiency and data agility. OpsClarity provides a proven platform for delivering intelligent and automated performance management, empowering digital enterprises to embrace new application architectures based on microservices, message brokers, data services, and containers deployed across shared infrastructures.

To learn more about OpsClarity and its Intelligent Monitoring solution, please click here.

About OpsClarity

OpsClarity is a performance monitoring solution for modern applications and data infrastructure that helps DevOps and engineering teams to continuously visualize, understand and troubleshoot their complex and distributed business-critical applications and infrastructure. Built by alumni from Yahoo, eBay, Facebook, Twitter and Google, OpsClarity is the only solution that can dynamically adapt to and learn every component of a company’s modern fast data application and infrastructure and extract key insights needed to maximize performance and agility. OpsClarity is privately held and headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif. For more information about OpsClarity, visit http://www.opsclarity.com .

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