Fun New Summertime Craft for Children

Share Article helps parents entertain their children this summer with a great new craft, corresponding with their new collection of artist-made kachina dolls.

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I think parents that try this craft with their children won’t regret it and we have produced some great pieces using this method too.

The art of Kachina doll crafting stretches back thousands of years in Native American culture. With a vast array of spiritual deities to choose from, the people of Native tribes celebrate these spirits through music, dance, ceremony, and art. Many Native American rituals utilize the creation of Kachina masks and garb to honor these enchanting beings that serve different functions within the community. They are often seen as messengers to the Great Spirit as well.

In an attempt to immerse the public into Native American culture, the team at is releasing a guide to show children how to create their own Kachina dolls for the summer. The guide corresponds with the release of new Kachina dolls that have just been added to the company’s inventory. Their collection of Navajo and Hopi Kachinas are a combination of deep cultural understating and a practiced artistic hand. While the team doesn’t expect children to achieve the same level of detail, they do believe this is a great and fun experience for both the parents and their children.

The spokesman of the company, David Stentson, also commented on the new release. “We love it when people are interested in Native culture. We work hand-in-hand with the community and are proud of the collection we display and the connections we’ve made with the artists we represent. I think parents that try this craft with their children won’t regret it and we have produced some great pieces using this method too.” Creating Your Own Kachina

Items required: Hot glue gun, clear tape, toilet paper tube, proportionate Styrofoam ball, colorful construction paper/fabric of the makers choice.

1)    People will start by using a simple toilet paper tube, cut two slits (a third of the way down the tube on one end).

2)    The slits should be directly across from one another.

3)    Next, cut two more small slits perpendicular to the original cuts. This will allow people to curve the end into two different cylinders.

4)    The result should be half the tube completely uncut (the torso) and the two small cylinders at the end (the legs)

5)    Tape the two smaller leg cylinders together.

6)    Now, use hot glue to attach a Styrofoam ball to the uncut half of the tube. This will become the Kachina’s head.

7)    For inspiration, people should browse’s new collection of Kachina figures to pick a theme to decorate their doll.

8)    Create the face with a simple marker. To create beaks or horns, simple rolled pieces of construction paper will do the trick.

9)    Making the dress is as simple as choosing an interesting fabric or piece of construction paper to give the appearance of a dress/shawl, covering the entire body. Different layers can be used for shirt, pants, or skirts.

10)    Using a variation of fabric or faux fur, with the same method can be used to create hair too, putting everything together with hot glue.

11)    Feathers and beads can be used for decoration or headwear as well.

12)    The finishing touch will be gluing the figure to a firm piece of cardboard, with a patterned piece of construction paper or fabric, as a stand/base for the Kachina to stand proud.

Stentson believes both parents and children will become engrossed in the experience, creating more innovative figures as they go. People can also choose from a great selection of handmade Kachina dolls on the company’s new collection to decorate their homes for the summer.

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