"Dancing At The Crossroad," NEW Book About Love, Loss and Healing, Now Available for Pre-order

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Join the Author’s Intimate, Riveting Journey to Overcome Fear, Find Hope and Redefine Purpose

"Dancing At The Crossroad," a NEW Book about love, loss and healing, is now available for pre-order on Publishizer at https://publishizer.com/dancing-at-the-crossroad/. The author, Mellany Paynter, uses the power of storytelling and journaling to cope with the harsh reality of overcoming loss.

Readers embark on this intimate, riveting journey with Paynter, with pages for their own writing, to guide them toward healing by recounting meaningful events and answering powerful questions. Paynter leads the reader through her unique process of healing to overcome fear, find hope, and redefine purpose.

“What is it about death and loss that changes your entire being?” Paynter, asks us. “In the face of adversity, dancing at a crossroad is easier when you are amongst others, who understand your experience, than going it alone. I am sharing my most personal thoughts and feelings to help others with a resource to grow and heal.”

“Dancing At The Crossroad” started as a therapeutic exercise for Paynter to cope with the emotional rollercoaster of grieving the loss of her mother, which, in time provided renewal and permitted Paynter to move on. After three-and-a-half years of writing, Paynter is sharing her story, with the sole purpose of helping others realize they are not alone and there is no “normal” timetable for grieving.

A keepsake for the “bookends of life,” Paynter poses powerful questions, allowing us to face reality and realize what matters most. “Dancing At The Crossroad” is her first guided diary in this anticipated series, a lifeline to anyone who needs one.

“Dealing with grief is a head game,” says Paynter. “Loss is never easy, but it is how we emerge from its grasp that shows strength and resilience.”

"How can we comprehend a world without someone who has always been there? Mellany takes us into her heart and soul, from which a deeper understanding emerges. Mellany has a remarkable ability to express herself honestly, without self-consciousness - too many cultures fear death and the emotions that arise when we are grieving. When Mellany first expresses her inability to process what it means to lose her mother, she gives a voice to what is truly incomprehensible at the time of the loss. Mellany's uncensored self-expression gives us all permission to fully embrace our authentic feelings."

  • Helen Kramer, http://www.helenkramer.com, Author of “Liberating the Adult Within,” co-founder of Personal Change System, Licensed Psychoanalyst


A first-time author, Paynter is Co-Founder and Creative Director of Her Billions, http://herbillions.com, a consulting company that facilitates visual strategies that inspire women entrepreneurs to boost productivity and efficiency, making their visions a reality. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Howard University and her interests include fusing visual mapping and analytical skills to help others grow professionally and personally. She is passionate about improving quality of life and encouraging women to find balance while achieving their dreams. When she is not facilitating workshops or attending meetings, she is speaking about her book, serving as an Advisory Board Member for small businesses, and enjoying life with family and friends. Paynter is a native of Trinidad, currently living and working in New York City.


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Discussion Questions for “Dancing At The Crossroad”:

1 - What brought you to write “Dancing At The Crossroad”? What were you doing before, and what happened?
2 - You lead the reader through a unique process of healing by journaling. How does journaling help the reader at this difficult time, versus talking to friends or family?
3 - Many people suffer loss and go through a grieving and healing process. What has been different about your experience that we can all learn from?
4 - Part of the journaling process involved what you call, “asking powerful questions.” Tell us more about these questions and how they support the reader.
5 - You have been so brave to share your journal in “Dancing At The Crossroad”. How does it feel to be open?
6 - What does the title, “Dancing At The Crossroad”, mean and how did you come up with it?
7 - We all go through death and loss. Why do you think talking about grief is still so difficult for us?
8 - How are you publishing this book and why? (*e.g. self, traditional or both)
9 - How can readers discover more about you and your work? What's next for you?

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