Forward Thinking Needed in a Saturated Hotel Industry: Could Hotel Views Promote Innovation?

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Commenting on data collected in the past year, The Most Perfect View claims hotel views are often overlooked by the travel industry and hotels might be failing on promoting one of their greatest assets: an awe-inspiring vista. In such a saturated market, could the view factor become a trend and emerge as the ultimate perk?

Travelers have reported that they would select an elegant 4-star or even a quirky or charming 3-star hotel with a jaw-dropping view over an opulent 5-star hotel with a view that doesn't amount to much. Yes, views can be worth a star or two.

In the last ten years, intrepid travelers have increasingly been reaching for more - more memorable vacation experiences near and far, more bang for the buck, more outstanding and personalized travel experiences. Choosing destinations as exciting as Tokyo, Japan to as homegrown as Niagara Falls, Canada has gotten easier with multiple websites clamoring to showcase the greatest sights, sites, and attractions of varied locales. Getting up and going has never been easier or more enjoyable. The world has opened up to all who dare to explore, and the ordinary has been ditched for the extraordinary.

Though today the market is saturated with extremely similar websites, which compare a hotel room's rates, location, amenities and facilities, few mention one of the most important things that so many travelers yearn for - an unforgettable view. In 2017, and according to NAVIS travel industry experts, rates and service will still be the most important two factors for travelers deciding on their next hotel. However, some key-experts would argue that "the view" could be a great refreshing opportunity for the hotel industry to tackle. Although comparison hotel websites do check multiple boxes on traveler’s wish lists, many fail to recognize that a terrific view isn't just the cherry on top, but an essential component of an unforgettable vacation.

Few things are as appreciated as a phenomenal view from the comfort of the hotel room, the rooftop bar, the gym, poolside, or at times, while in a luxuriously deep bathtub. It is with lingering disappointment that many vacationers return home to tell friends about the pathetic view from their window instead of the incomparable vistas they had so longed for. Imagine lounging in a plush hotel bed with the Eiffel Tower almost close enough to touch. Now, picture a stay in Paris, munching on a warm croissant, and looking out at a graffiti-lined alleyway from the room's window. Not the same, is it?

According to hotel view specialists The Most Perfect View, more often than not, hotel booking websites, (and the hotels themselves on their sites) fail to mention the distinctive view that can be enjoyed from the room or other locations in the hotel. Travelers easily find information about the hotel's unique packages and services, but come up short when it comes to the special views.

Based on client's feedback (data collected between June 2015 - June 2016), The Most Perfect View reports that travelers would select an elegant 4-star or even a quirky or charming 3-star hotel with a jaw-dropping view over an opulent 5-star hotel with a view that doesn't amount to much. Yes, views can be worth a star or two. Nowadays people are keen to share beautiful images on social networks - take Instagram for example - what could be possibly better to tease friends and family back home than an astonishing panoramic room view? In 2017, Instagram is expected to continue to grow and so will the number of published and shared images featuring beautiful hotel panoramas - this unveils a promising marketing opportunity for hoteliers worldwide.

Hospitality industry insiders like Starwood Hotels argue that there are cities where one has particular views in mind, and seeing them (or not) while on vacation can almost make or break the time spent away from home. That is why Starwood Hotels manages a particular website inspired on the idea of "A Room with a View" where everyone can experience a live view from many hotels under Starwood's management.

Also paying attention to this long-lasting trend, Condé Nast Traveler, one of the most reputable magazines in the field, has been publishing a hotel room with a view in every single edition since 1987. Some of their favorite room views are nothing less than impressive.

Paulo Palha, The Most Perfect View's founder and professional "viewaholic", states that "a spectacular view brings into sharp relief one's sense of place and magnifies the experience of a certain destination." He adds: "People are not just looking for the tangible, they want the intangible, to experience destinations in different ways such as admiring an iconic view from their private bathtub. Ultimately, they crave to build memories worth taking home in their hearts and hoteliers should focus more and more attention on it".

About The Most Perfect View

Founded in 2011, The Most Perfect View takes the desires of travelers into account and features over 6000 hand-picked global hotels in 70 destinations. The hotels are based on a number of criteria: comfort, design, nearby attractions, and above all, a supreme view.

Based on the website’s reader response, the most popular destinations in 2015 have been New York City, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, Tokyo, Sydney and Paris. With the tremendous number of films, songs and novels that have featured these major cities, the sight of imposing skyscrapers, renowned beaches, vivid sunsets, spectacular skylines, and dominant landmarks can’t be missed. It makes planning a vacation easier that it’s known from which hotel it’s best to find them.

In the U.S, New York City, otherwise known as The Big Apple, has been featured in more films than any other city. Though the dynamic city isn’t the most popular travel destination in the world (though, certainly in the top three), it ranks as the most visited destination in the United States. It is for this reason that travelers who have never before been to New York feel a familiarity with its skyline, landmarks, and streets. Travelers have asserted that NY’s towering skyscrapers and bright lights are thrilling and awe-inspiring. On the website, the NYC hotels that leave vacationers breathless have been identified.

Similarly, in South America, Rio de Janeiro has been a must-visit vacation spot for decades. Atop many vacationers bucket lists since the release of “The Girl from Ipanema” in the 1960s and as the host of high profile sporting events, The World Cup and the Olympics, the sunny, seaside home of serene bossa nova and energetic samba, has been thronged with visitors from all over the world. Searching for the best hotel view in Rio has already been taken care of.

In the next couple of months, The Most Perfect View will also dedicate attention to promoting the best restaurant views in the world, adding it has collected the data that supports a growing demand for these experiences. This will allow guests to book a romantic table in many cities worldwide knowing they will enjoy their food alongside fabulous sights.

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