New Mexico State University Releases New Study Finding ZappLight Technology Effective Against Zika Causing Mosquitoes

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Independent laboratory testing and extensive research by New Mexico State University reveals that the new ZappLight is a highly effective solution in attracting and killing Aedes Aegypt mosquitoes

NMSU Testing

New Mexico State University Testing Diagram

"ZappLight is a leap in technology from the large old school zappers we have grown up seeing around our homes,”says Paul Van Kleef, Co-founder of ZappLight

As several countries including the United States continues to see the increasing spread of the Zika Virus, scientists at New Mexico State University (NMSU) tested the new ZappLight’s effectiveness against Aedes Aegypt mosquitoes – the type that is likely to transmit Zika, dengue, chikungunya viruses to humans. The test found ZappLight to be a highly effective solution in attracting and killing these mosquitoes.

ZappLight is the first-of-its-kind 2-in-1 light bulb that emits a unique blue light at an optimal frequency that attracts mosquitoes, and effectively zaps mosquitoes that flies into its unique bug-zapping grid.

Led by Dr. Immo Hansen, the independent research is part of New Mexico State University’s ongoing scientific research into the efficacy of new technologies and solutions that will protect humans against virus-spreading mosquitoes.

The objective of the study was to put products to the test in a scientific way so consumers can be better informed on what works and what doesn’t. Findings revealed that the activation of ZappLight made a significant difference in mosquito mortality rate, eliminating 91 per cent of the mosquitoes in the study.

“Mosquitoes have been around for millions of years causing deaths of millions, yet technologies to protect us from them have been slow in keeping pace with modern lives. ZappLight is a leap in technology from the large old school zappers we have grown up seeing around our homes,” said Paul Van Kleef, Co-founder and CMO, ZappLight.

“ZappLight is an energy-efficient light bulb that beautifully illuminates your home with a warm glow, while ZappLight’s ‘set-it and forget-it’ blue frequency emitting light and zapping grid is designed to protect us against a host of health-threatening insects - including Zika-borne mosquitoes,” adds Robert McFarlane, Co-founder and President of Global Operations, ZappLight

Research Method
The ZappLight was put to the test in two different scenarios to evaluate the efficacy of the blue UV frequency emitting light in attracting mosquitoes, as well as the efficacy of the bug-zapper. In the controlled group, the ZappLight was placed in a cage with 50-100 roaming mosquitoes with the zapper on and the blue UV light switched off. In the other group, the ZappLight’s blue UV light was switched on. Both were tested for a 24-hour period each, and these tests were done four times over a testing period of two weeks, for maximum accuracy.

The test revealed that the mortality rate of mosquitoes was higher by 50 per cent in the group where the UV light was switched on than in the controlled group - with a high mortality rate of 91 per cent (the percent mortality was calculated based on the ratio of mosquitoes that died compared to the total mosquitoes in the cage).

The test concluded the efficacy of ZappLight’s unique light frequency in attracting mosquitoes and its bug-zapping grid in killing mosquitoes.

Over one million ZappLights have been sold to date around the world, and it has received global safety certifications including CE, TuV, Inmetro and KC certifications.

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