Luxand FaceSDK 6.2 Improves Real-Time Recognition, Better Live Facial Filters on Mobiles

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Luxand Inc. updates FaceSDK, the company’s flagship face recognition and facial feature detection suite. FaceSDK 6.2 features numerous improvements and enhancements, enabling developers to build mobile apps implementing live facial filters.

Luxand Inc. updates FaceSDK, the company’s flagship face recognition and facial feature detection suite. FaceSDK 6.2 features numerous improvements and enhancements, enabling developers to build mobile apps implementing live facial filters.

The improved Facial Feature Detection and Tracking engine is now based on 70-point detection of facial features (up from 66 facial features in the last release), improves tracking of open mouth and significantly improves speed on major mobile platforms. The new engine reaches 30 frames per second on iPhone 6 when detecting facial features on live video streams captured by the phone’s camera in landscape orientation.

“We’re making it better with each iteration,” says Alex Konoplev, Luxand CEO. “The new build packs numerous improvements in different areas allowing developers to implement smoother experience and increasingly lifelike animations never imaginable before. The massive performance improvements in the newly announced iPhone 7 are highly welcome, yet we are fully committed to supporting developers targeting other popular iOS devices.”

New Benchmark Performance with Less Jitter

Luxand is constantly working on improving the speed and fluidity of its tools. The updated FaceSDK 6.2 offers a bump in frame rates, which can be used to significantly reduce jitter while detecting and tracking facial features in video streams.

Jitter is a visual artifact that requires additional processing power to reduce. In this release, FaceSDK introduced a significant increase in performance, allowing developers either to achieve a solid 30-FPS rate on iPhone 6 in landscape orientation, or to reduce the jitter of videos.

Detailed Facial Feature Detection with Backward Compatibility

FaceSDK 6.2 can now detect 70 facial features, up from 66 features in previous versions. The more detailed detection enables lifelike facial transforms and animations that look more natural than ever. In addition, FaceSDK 6.2 improves tracking of open mouth, providing even more lifelike experience. Full backwards compatibility with previous versions of the SDK is maintained.

New Sample Code for Android and iOS

FaceSDK is all about developers. In this release, the SDK targets mobile developers, adding Android and iOS samples for detecting the person’s emotions and gender. Samples for Android Studio and Visual Studio 2015 (targeting Windows platform) are now available.

Live Demo Apps

Since FaceSDK is a developer platform used for building apps, Luxand built a number of apps and services to demonstrate the abilities of its platform. youmask ( is an app for Android and iOS to show what can be done with the SDK. For building apps like this, developers can use MirrorReality SDK (

About FaceSDK

Luxand FaceSDK is a high-performance, multi-platform library for recognizing human faces and detecting facial features. Aimed at developers of desktop, server, mobile and web applications, the library makes it easy to build applications requiring reliable detection and identification of human faces in still images and video streams. Implementing true motion-based face recognition and identification, FaceSDK allows building security and surveillance systems, access control and CRM applications requiring no prior enrollment. FaceSDK employs sophisticated algorithms to detect and identify human faces quickly and reliably regardless of the quality or resolution of the original image or video stream, allowing for fast and reliable identification based on input from even low-resolution webcams. The detection and identification of faces does not require any human interaction.

The advanced face identification and face verification features of Luxand FaceSDK allow developers build non-intrusive biometric authentication systems, and effectively enable touchless logins by simply looking into a webcam.

About Luxand, Inc.

Founded in 2005, Luxand, Inc. is a privately held hi-tech company. Luxand research activities began with Artificial Intelligence and biometric identification technologies, allowing the company to develop a complete set of tools and libraries to perform fully automatic recognition of human faces and facial features. Today, the company provides a broad range of face recognition solutions. The company’s products and technologies are used by biometric identification and security companies, banks, the entertainment industry, medical and cosmetic industry, at online entertainment portals, chat rooms, and movie Web sites around the globe. Police organizations and the military are using Luxand technologies to identify people and locate personal records by facial photographs. Government, municipal and commercial entities are employing our products in their document workflow for automating the process of entering facial pictures in a database. Universities and research facilities are using our tools and technologies to conduct scientific researches.

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