3 Tips for Spotting Bad Breast Augmentations

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Dr. Elliot Jacobs points out ways breast augmentation can go wrong and lead to unnatural looking results.

Breast augmentation surgeries, known colloquially as “boob jobs,” have become so commonplace that you no longer have to search the streets of Hollywood or New York to spot women who have visited a plastic surgeon. In fact, most people nowadays have friends or colleagues who appear to sport a set of breast implants. But if the women aren’t telling, how does one know for sure when breasts are fake?

Dr. Elliot Jacobs, a leading Manhattan plastic surgeon, has performed breast augmentation in New York for more than thirty years. He puts surgical mistakes in three broad categories.

Implants that are out of position: “Inexperienced surgeons sometimes cause implants to ride too high on the chest wall,” Dr. Jacobs said. He added that occasionally women end up with breasts that seem too far apart. Breasts can also touch in the middle after surgery, either because the patient has a central depression in the rib cage or the surgeon has over-dissected the breast pockets. This result is called symmastia, or “uniboob” for short. Worst of all, implants may be completely out of alignment with each other.

Breasts that have a strange shape: Natural—and natural looking—breasts have a gentle slope to them, explains Dr. Jacobs. “When implants aren’t chosen carefully to fit a patient’s frame and pockets aren’t formed properly, the resulting too-round shape can be easy to spot.” The “two rubber balls on a board appearance” is occasionally sought by a patient in the entertainment industry, but generally the look is not popular.

Breasts that are just too big: Breast implants that are too big for a woman’s body are usually the easiest to spot, especially when the patient’s frame is relatively small. In these cases, the breasts tend to spill over the side and sag, in addition to being unnaturally huge. According to Dr. Jacobs, it’s easy to see this effect when women wear skimpy eveningwear, tank tops and bathing suits.

To the relief of many board certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Jacobs, the current trend is toward breast surgery that creates beautiful, natural curves. Whether performing fat transfer procedures or breast augmentation with implants, the New York surgeon believes that about a 50-50 ratio of enhancement to natural tissue not only looks great, but is best for the patient and her health as well.

Dr. Elliot Jacobs is a board certified plastic surgeon with offices on Park Avenue in Manhattan. He performs safe, state-of-the art cosmetic surgery for men and women. Contact him online or at 212-570-6080, or visit http://www.plasticsurgeonnewyork.com and http://www.gynecomastianewyork.com.

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