Criminal Record Expungement Clearest Path for Renters with Certain Criminal Histories, Opines

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Expungement of criminal histories is the clearest and most immediate path for individuals with low-level criminal records to affordable housing, especially as more and more cities and counties offer free or low-cost expungement seminars. Adam Almeida, President and CEO of, an expert on tenant screening, states: “Thanks to recent actions by HUD and EEOC, criminal records as part of the vetting process for tenants has come under greater scrutiny and it is this moment in time that anyone with low-level records look into the opportunity to expunge a record, especially in their efforts to find work and/or housing."

Tenant Screening USA highly recommends to those individuals seeking to reintegrate successfully into mainstream society and find reasonable housing to utilize any expungement options.

For an individual with a criminal record finding a job or housing is a significant challenge. But in certain cases expungement of criminal records could be the solution job and housing seekers have been searching. Adam Almeida, President and CEO of opines: “With increased scrutiny over the fair, legal and lawful use of criminal histories as part of a vetting process of tenants and employees, the opportunity to expunge criminal records has become significant and as cities and counties offer expungement seminars, now more than ever is the time to seek expungement of criminal background records."

Increasingly cities are offering assistance in expunging records, in an attempt to create better working and living conditions for citizens.

Almeida states: "New laws are enacted every day that allow for expungement of criminal records across a broader scope of infraction."

From (Sep. 23, 16):

... the Administrative Office of the Courts has received 8,400 criminal record reports for expungement since the law went into effect on July 15. He said that number is about double the number of requests at this time last year. (1)

Expungement can be defined simply as:

to remove (something) completely (2)

Almeida opines: “Removing the stigma of a criminal record would be of great assistance to renters. Despite the Department of Housing and Urban Development and various state governmental entities very recent work toward easing the burden of a criminal record in the tenant screening process, the surest and, perhaps, easiest path to renting may be expungement.”

Criminal records have been in the news of late and continue to be a roadblock for many individuals wanting to start over.

From (Aug. 16, 16):

Jurisdictions should consider expanding the types of criminal record information that are eligible for expungement, and provide incentives to stop discrimination based on criminal records, argues a paper published by the Harvard Law and Policy Review.

Although several states have enacted laws to expand “the range of expungement remedies” available to people with criminal records, the laws have not provided sufficient relief for people who face discrimination…(3)

Almeida adds: “It is my opinion that the expungement of criminal history records is the clearest path to renters with certain low-level criminal records."

Across the country there are different laws and different qualifications for expunging a criminal record, a record that could be either an arrest or arrest/conviction.

From (no date given):

The type of crime which has been allegedly committed will invariably determine the availability of expungement. For example, some states allow expungement for many types of crimes (e.g. Colorado), others prohibit expungement of any criminal record (e.g. Wyoming), and some states only allow expungement for arrest records (e.g. Oklahoma). In states where expungement is granted after a conviction, the severity of the crime will play a determinative role in whether or not expungement is possible. Conversely, states that prohibit the expungement of convictions (unless a pardon is obtained) will often contain restrictions depending on the process taken to complete the case without a conviction. (4)

Almeida opines: “Why now? Criminal records are continuously under scrutiny and their use continues to be questioned. As the legal environment remains unclear, for potential tenants with minor criminal records the immediate best practice is to expunge. recommends to those individuals seeking to reintegrate successfully into mainstream society and find reasonable housing to utilize any expungement options, especially increased offerings of expungement seminars.” is a third-party background screening company that provides tenant background checks to landlords and property managers for all sizes and types of rental complexes. From the single-unit to the large community, has the ability to customize a tenant screening package specific to a managers unique requirements.



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