Feature.fm Transforms the Music Streaming Landscape by Opening Access for Artists to Guarantee Their Songs Get Heard

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The groundbreaking platform enables indie artists, for the first time, to harness the power of streaming platforms to advertise natively

"We call it the 'New Radio' promotion," - Lior Aharoni, founder and CEO of Feature.fm

Feature.fm, the first and only native song advertising network, has innovated a platform that provides artists with unprecedented exposure and creates a fresh revenue stream model for the ever-growing music subscription industry.

"We call it the 'New Radio' promotion," says Lior Aharoni, founder and CEO of Feature.fm. "Traditionally, radio has always been the best place to break a song, but radio airplay has always been inaccessible to most artists due to the limitation of airtime and lack of the right relationships."

Feature.fm is a platform that offers artists native song advertising, granting them the power to promote their songs on streaming platforms. The basic concept brings plum Internet exposure opportunities directly to artists. Just like Facebook has sponsored posts, and Twitter has sponsored tweets, Feature.fm applies this promotion muscle to songs, giving indie artists and labels for the first time a level of marketplace access previously reserved for those with big budgets. If streaming music services are the new radio, then Feature.fm's sponsored songs are the new radio promotion.

This intuitive, self service platform allows artists of any size to advertise in a market where fans are most actively engaging with music and receive analytics tailored specifically to make more informed decisions. Feature.fm gives bands exposure to new audiences, and music fans exposure to new bands.

Feature.fm was born out of a love for promoting and sharing new music. Brothers Lior and Zohar Aharoni knew early on streaming services would be the future of the music industry. The two partnered formally along with Lior Shapsa, Co-Founder of Similar Web, after Lior Aharoni developed a playlisting service as a fun side project that functioned as a social streaming service which allowed people to listen to streaming radio stations powered by their friends' music tastes.

While wading through the murky waters of the streaming model, Lior, Lior, and Zohar experienced many of the common challenges that streaming services face. Simultaneously, they realized many artists struggle with getting their music heard. They then had an "aha moment" -- the brothers decided that they needed to help artists promote music within their own streaming service. From there, they went big picture, and set out to grant artists access to promote their music inside of existing streaming services that people already use. This became the focus of Feature.fm.

Feature.fm is powered by breakthrough technology developed over 3 years by a team of experts who specialize in big data analytics, content discovery and recommendation. Feature.fm's sophisticated recommendation algorithms play the right song to the right people at the right time. The platform's data analytics provide deep insights to help artists make better decisions like never before.

Feature.fm's founders served in an elite technology unit in the Israeli Defense Forces specializing in intelligence, data mining and security.

About Lior Aharoni
Co-Founder and CEO Lior Aharoni is responsible for the overall company strategy and vision. Lior is a distinguished alumni of the Israel Defense Force's elite Mamram Tech Program and previously managed Research & Security at Cyber-Ark Software. Lior has been working in music with a focus on the developing digital music space since 2009. He has built three music platforms, including Feature.fm, and in recent years, is focusing his energy on helping artists break through with the use of new technologies.

About Zohar Aharoni
Co-Founder and Israel-based GM, Zohar, is responsible for all ongoing activities of the company in Israel. Prior to Feature.fm, he managed the IT and Databases division for Taboola, the leading content discovery platform. Zohar served in the IDF's elite Mamram Technology Unit for 6 years where he managed a large team of developers and was responsible for mission critical databases.

About Lior Shapsa
Co-Founder & VP, R&D, Lior, is responsible for the company software development and innovation. Vastly experienced in software development with more than 12 years in this field, Lior is a distinguished alumni of the Israel Defense Force's elite Mamram Tech Program, Team Leader at Precise, R&D Manager at VMware and Co-Founder at SimilarWeb. In his spare time he tasted and tested almost every modern technology that is out there and spread the word in tech meet-ups.

Feature.fm is the first and only native song advertising network that guarantees artists' songs get played inside music streaming services. It allows artists, labels, and other music promoters to promote music natively to a targeted audience as sponsored songs inside streaming services. This lets streaming services improve user experience by improving music discovery and using content that users want to consume as a source of advertising. Up and coming artists are provided with an avenue that promises exposure ´┐╝while returning real time, in depth analytics that are built for music. It's extremely beneficial for artists to not just get into digital services, but use their limited marketing dollars to guarantee they get heard. Feature.fm was founded by graduates of an elite technology program in the Israeli Army and includes years of industry experience in music. Feature.fm promo video: http://youtu.be/3-h4YLU5nZk

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