Weight Loss Surgery Experiences of Author Jennifer Weiner Underline the Realities of Defeating Obesity, says Dr. Feiz & Associates

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Commenting on a recent article, the weight loss clinic notes that Ms. Weiner’s struggles are reminders of the reality that bariatric surgery makes weight loss easier, but patients still have work to do in the battle against obesity.

Defeating obesity is never a simple matter.

While bariatric surgery can make weight loss far easier for severely obese patients, it is not a magic wand....

A September 23 article in People describes the experiences of writer Jennifer Weiner, who had a successful weight loss procedure in 2006. Among the issues she discusses in the article and in her new book of essays, “Hungry Heart,” is that, even with the help of her procedure, she still has to check her emotions to make sure she is eating because she is hungry, and not to fill an emotional need. Los Angeles based weight loss surgery specialists Dr. Feiz & Associates notes that, while bariatric surgery can make weight loss far easier for severely obese patients, it is not a magic wand and patients still have a lot of work to do to defeat their obesity. The medical group adds that the steps patients need to take include the following:

  • Learn to Eat for the Right Reasons: “I have to figure out when I’m hungry and when I’m not really hungry, or when I’m sad, or lonely or tired” says Ms. Weiner. Dr. Feiz & Associates notes that learning to distinguish between eating for actual hunger and eating to fulfill an emotional need is key. They add that bariatric surgeries can do a lot to reduce the nagging, hormonally-driven, feelings that mimic hunger and make achieving and maintaining a weight loss so difficult. However, the clinic also notes that emotional eating can remain a problem if patients are not ready to deal with it by thinking before they consume a meal or snack. This is one of a number of reasons why pre-surgical psychological evaluations are routinely given to bariatric patients, adds Dr. Feiz & Associates.
  • Eat a Complete Diet: While weight loss surgeries are becoming increasingly minimally invasive, with procedures like a sleeve gastrectomy becoming more common than the gastric bypass Ms. Weiner received a decade ago, Dr. Feiz & Associates notes that these procedures still represent a change in how the body processes food. Thus, while the majority of patients find it far easier to eat a great deal less following a procedure, they still need to ensure that they are obtaining complete nutrition through the foods they are eating. The medical group adds that they have a registered dietitian on staff to help patients create eating plans that ensure that they will lose their weight and then maintain that weight loss, while also obtaining all the nutrients they need for a happier and healthier life.

Dr. Feiz & Associates concludes by noting that they provide detailed follow-up care for all patients to ensure that their weight loss efforts are progressing appropriately. Individuals who would like to learn more about whether weight loss surgery might be an option for themselves or a loved one are invited to reach out to Dr. Feiz & Associates at (800) 868-5946 or visit via the clinic’s web site at http://www.DrFeiz.com.

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