Siborg Furthers its Presence in Japan with Distribution Deal to Include LCR-Reader LCR- and ESR-meter

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Canadian Siborg Systems Inc. and Tokyo based Newly Tsuchiyama have penned a distribution deal for all Siborg’s Tweezer Test devices, including the LCR-Reader Pro

LCR-Reader Pro includes Calibration Certificate, Spare Bent Test Leads and Charger

LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers LCR-meters have proven to be efficient while measuring small components

Building on a previous deal, Siborg and Newly Tsuchiyama have decided to bring Siborg’s newest product to Japan, including LCR-Reader LCR- and ESR-meter, Siborg’s tweezer-based test devices, and the best-selling LCR-Reader Pro task kit that includes a pre-calibrated device, traceable calibration certificate and accessories.

Newly Tsuchiyama specializes in development, manufacturing and re-selling various PCB test solutions, including automation equipment, on-board programming bus analyzers, presses, jigs, mounting board inspection apparatuses, and testers.

“We design, manufacture and market various test solutions for PCBs,” says Yasunobu Noguchi, the Director at Newly Tsuchiyama, “With the electronics industry moving toward smaller and smaller gadgets, it makes sense to start offering test solutions that can handle the small components. LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers LCR-meters have proven to be efficient while measuring these components. The tweezers are able to grasp the components, even on very crowded PCBs. Siborg has worked with us in the past for reselling Smart Tweezers; but we believe our customers will appreciate LCR-Reader and LCR-Reader Pro just as much. The lower priced device with calibration is very helpful to professionals.”

Siborg and Newly Tsuchiyama’s deal includes all the tweezer-based devices in Siborg’s product lineup, including:
●    LCR-Reader
●    LCR-Reader Pro
●    Smart Tweezers
●    Smart Tweezers with Bluetooth
●    Smart LED Test Tweezers
●    SMD Multifunction Test Tweezers
●    LCR-Reader Probe Connector

LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers LCR-meter are a combination of sharp, gold-plated tweezer probes with an LCR- and ESR-meter that is able to measure with high accuracy with just a touch. When the tweezers have a grasp on a component, the device is able to determine the type of component and best test parameters before displaying the results, including any secondary values, on the OLED display.

The LCR-Reader is a lower-cost alternative to Smart Tweezers at nearly half the price. This price-point was achieveable by omitting some features and offering a slightly lower basic accuracy of 0.5%. One issue with this device was for professionals that required their test equipment to be calibrated annually. Siborg created a calibration jig for use with a 4-wire Kelvin probe that could handle the full dynamic measurement range of LCR-Reader and newer Smart Tweezers devices. Once this jig was verified, Siborg was able to begin offering NIST traceable calibration certificates for LCR-Reader.

Once the calibration was available, Siborg began offering the LCR-Reader Pro; this task kit includes a pre-calibrated LCR-Reader, NIST traceable calibration certificate, spare bent tweezer probes, spare battery, charger and manuals.

Smart Tweezers is the flagship model in the line of tweezer-based LCR-meters. The current model, the ST-5S offers the highest basic accuracy of 0.2% and the most extensive menus with the most customization options for measurements. Some of the features found on Smart Tweezers that were omitted from LCR-Reader were: offset subtraction, continuity/diode testing, and component sorting.

Recently, Siborg has begun offering a new model of Smart Tweezers, the ST5S-BT. This model offers users a remote Bluetooth connection that is able to communicate with computer or dedicated Android apps and record measurements as they happen. The device is able to communicate with software such as National Instrument’s LabView or other free software. When a measurement is finished, the device sends the data in a comma separated string of values that represents what was on the screen at the time of measurements.The data sent can be saved into a database or file or processed later depending on the communication software used. The ability to remotely record measurement values is invaluable for professionals who are required to record all their measurement values for quality control; the ability to do it automatically leaves no room for mistakes.

After finding success with tweezer-based LCR-meters; Siborg has begun offering other test devices that use tweezers, these devices are:
●    Smart LED Test Tweezers: designed primarily for testing through-hole and surface mount LEDs, this device uses a 12VDC output and variable test currents. A ring light around the centre lights up when the device tests a connection. Using the included connector cable, Smart LED Test Tweezers can be connected to most multimeters and used as tweezer probes for testing components, circuitry, fuses, shorts, etc.

●    SMD Multifunction Test Tweezers: at $10USD, this device is perfect as an accessory to any multimeter. The Test Tweezers plug into most multimeter jacks and work as tweezer probes.

●    LCR-Reader Probe Connector connects to any LCR-Reader or Smart Tweezers device and becomes a complete Probe Station, allowing to test components larger than would normally fit between the tweezers’ tips. This kit comes with multiple easy-to-attach heads, including long and medium pin-probes, spade connector, multimeter jacks and alligator clips.

All these products are now available from Siborg Systems Inc. through their online sales channels including LCR-Reader Store, Amazon USA, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France and Newly Tsuchiyama in Japan.

A wide spectrum of spare parts for all models of Smart Tweezers and LCR-Reader is available from Siborg’s Technical Archive.

About Newly Tsuchiyama
Established in 1990, Newly Tsuchiyama Co. Ltd. offers unique PCB test and inspection solutions

For more information:
Newly Tsuchiyama Co., Ltd.
East Japan Operations,
Lions Building Musashikosugi 402
915-8 Shin-Maruko-cho, Nakahara-ju, Kawasaki-shi
Kanagawa-ken 211-0005 Japan
Tel: +81-44-738-6870
Fax: +81-44-738-6815
Contact: Yasunobu Noguchi, y-noguchi (at) newly-t (dot) com

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