“Affirmative Action Hacktivist” Vijay Jojo Chokal-Ingam Calls On American People to Stop Hillary Clinton From Promoting Racism in the Country.

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Chokal-Ingam warns American voters about Hillary Clinton’s support for racial discrimination in the form of affirmative action.

If you’re Asian American or white applying to college or graduate school, you are screwed with a capital S.

Vijay Jojo Chokal-Ingam, the author of Almost Black, urges Americans of all races to be wary of voting for Hillary Clinton, who he thinks will further America’s racial divide by promoting affirmative action.

“If you’re Asian American or white applying to college or graduate school,” said Chokal-Ingam. “You are screwed with a capital S, and you can thank the Clinton and Obama administrations for that.”

"Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton promoted racial preferences in university admissions that discriminate against Asian American and white applicants," elaborates Chokal-Ingam. “The discrimination is so bad that I had to pose as black to get into medical school." Chokal-Ingam documented his experiences in recent book, Almost Black, to help people understand how affirmative action impacts their chances of admission.

Despite a pitifully low 3.1 GPA, Chokal-Ingam became a serious contender at some of the most prestigious schools in America, including Yale, Columbia, Case Western and the University of Pennsylvania. He experienced first-hand how universities will compromise their admissions standards, state residency requirements, and other recruitment criteria simply to fill their “unofficial racial quotas” under affirmative action.

Even put in today’s perspective, a medical school applicant with Chokal-Ingam's 3.1 GPA and 31 MCAT has an acceptance rate of 75.5% as black, but only 18.1% as Asian, according to official data published by the American Association of Medical Colleges (2013-2015). “It’s much harder for an Asian American to get into a competitive university than an African American with the same GPA and test scores.”

Chokal-Ingam has been a long-time activist against the discriminatory affirmative action policies. While studying at the University of Chicago, Chokal-Ingam led protests against President William Jefferson Clinton’s 1999 visit to the school, posting fliers and rallying students to demonstrate. At the graduation ceremony, Chokal-Ingam and many of his classmates refused to shake hands with Bill Clinton. “I was protesting against Clinton’s support for affirmative action racism against Asian Americans and whites in admissions,” explains Chokal-Ingam. “Continuing her husband’s racist policies, Hillary Clinton has publically endorsed the Supreme Court’s recent Fisher decision legalizing racial preferences.”

However, Chokal-Ingam believes that Asian Americans and whites are not the only victims of racial preferences. He adds, “Hillary Clinton’s racist affirmative action policies create negative stereotypes about blacks and Hispanics, by making it seem like they can’t compete.”

Vijay Chokal-Ingam’s has a clear message for voters. “Stop racial discrimination. Defeat Hillary Clinton. If you’re Asian American or white, don’t wait until your kid gets a rejection letter from the college of their dreams. And if you’re black or Hispanic, Hillary Clinton will make sure you carry the stigma of affirmative action for the rest of your life.”

Chokal-Ingam and his team are rolling out advertisements to educate swing voters about Hillary Clinton’s support for racist affirmative action policies in key battleground states.

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