For People Who Want to Know What Will Happen If Trump Wins or If Clinton Wins: This Book That Went to #1 on Amazon Will Tell Them

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Newly released from Risarth Publishing, RONALD THE GRUMP (A Contemporary Fairy Tale For Adults) debuted on Amazon on September 23rd and immediately went to #1 in short fiction Humor and Politics.

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This beautifully-illustrated, clever, adult fairy tale is a parody of our current presidential election, and it forecasts what will happen after the election depending on who wins.

This beautifully-illustrated, clever, adult fairy tale is a parody of our current presidential election, and it forecasts what will happen after the election depending on who wins.

The citizens of the magical land of Angelica on the planet Thera run out of seeds due to Ogres hoarding 90% of them. A mutant orange Ogre, Ronald the Grump, tries to persuade the citizens of Angelica to let him lead the land to make things better for ordinary Angelicans--through hate, selfishness, lies and anger. A caring Angelican female arises who challenges Ronald the Grump and says the way to make things better is by Angelicans working together. Who prevails and what happens is told in words and wonderful hand-drawn illustrations.

Timely and important, RONALD THE GRUMP has been receiving rave reviews:

A Review From Reader’s Favorites:
“Written in a Choose Your Own Adventure style of modern history, Ronald the Grump is a literary satire of epic proportions regarding Angelica’s rise and fall, when two Angelicans – Ronald the Grump and Helen of Linton – go head to head in order to gain control of a country which had once been fair and (relatively) peaceful.

Richard S. Arthurson’s freakishly realistic fairy tale, accompanied by the amazingly bright and artistic talents of Elizabeth Austerlitz, certainly probes into the real-life problems which most of the world is currently experiencing.

With the moral of the story being Look Before You Leap, I recommend this book to all readers, irrespective of your support for Helen or Ronald, for the clever and humorous way in which it is written.

Ronald the Grump: A Contemporary Fairy Tale for Adults had me laughing out loud in many places, while frowning and cringing in others. If this book doesn’t get your grey matter working overtime, ensuring you put a lot of thought into what goes on your ballot paper, not much else will.”

Reviews from Amazon:
“A quick read, an illustrated book for grown ups. Very timely considering our current political situation. Ronald the Grump outlines the current presidential race and the potential outcomes.”

“Briefer than the campaign, clearer than the candidates' real agendas, this is a fairy tale worth reading--a well illustrated guide to the world as described in the New York Times.”

“I really enjoyed this brief cautionary story, told in the spirit of the classics--fairy tales, myths, tall tales, parables, fables. An especially good target audience will be indecisive voters and anyone who is newly-of-age-to-vote. I fear that many young people do not think it is important that they get involved in this process called the election of a U.S. President. A story such as "Ronald the Grump", with its charming illustrations just might make the point with them. It isn't an amusing story, it's a warning, and it is clever enough to appeal to even YA readers. It could be a discussion starter for families. I so wish that any undecided voter in this critical time of a critical year 2016, would read this little book.”

RONALD THE GRUMP: A Contemporary Fairy Tale For Adults
Written by Richard S. Arthurson
Illustrated by Elizabeth Austerlitz


Richard S. Arthurson (author) In his seventies, Arthurson has been a life-long liberal, advocate for human rights, columnist, executive and board member of numerous non-profit organizations. He believes that a Trump presidency would be disastrous. He stated, “It is especially gratifying that a senior and a millennial have come together to create this book. It illustrates how wide-spread the opposition to Trump is.” Arthurson lives in Ashland, Oregon.

Elizabeth Austerlitz (illustrator) is an Art and Languages student who has been drawing in animation for three years. She juggles three jobs while being a full-time student in order to pay for college. She is so anti-Trump that she stated, "I’m a millennial that misses not having to care that much about the political process. I'm pissed that this election is making me have to care. I can't afford not to care." Austerlitz lives in Eugene, Oregon.

TITLE: RONALD THE GRUMP: A Contemporary Fairy Tale For Adults
RELEASE DATE: September 23, 2016

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