Karma Dolls vs. Little Green Guys: New Study Reveals Gender Differences In Paranormal Beliefs

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A new study by Queendom.com and Psychtests.com comparing belief in various paranormal phenomena reveals that women are more likely to be drawn to and to believe in the mysterious and unexplainable.

Women are more likely to believe in fate, karma, and ghosts. Men place stock in alien phenomenon.

Women are more likely than men to believe in the unseen, but men are not closing the paranormal door entirely.

Women tend to be more open-minded in general, willing to stretch their mind beyond the seemingly impossible.

With notions like “women’s intuition” and “old wives’ tales,” it’s almost as if women were fated to be intertwined with the paranormal. Even the senseless and misguided witch hunts that plagued Europe and America during the 15th to 18th century targeted women almost exclusively.

In modern times, research by Queendom.com and Psychtests.com reveal that although superstitions have tapered off, women are still more likely than men to believe that there is more to this world than meets the eye.

Collecting data from 11,377 people who took their Paranormal Beliefs Test, researchers at Queendom compared women’s and men’s beliefs in paranormal phenomenon like witchcraft, aliens, ghosts and folklore. In some cases, the differences were quite staggering. Women were more likely to believe in notions like fate and karma as well as psychic phenomenon, while men limited their beliefs to more scientifically based unknowns. For example:

  •     78% of women (compared to 51% of men) believe that we are meant to cross paths with certain people. Women were also more likely to believe in soul-mates (63% vs. 43%) and destiny (61% vs. 42%).
  •     65% of women (compared to 49% of men) think that certain people are destined for greatness.
  •     71% of women (compared to 56% of men) trust that there is life after death.
  •     72% of women (compared to 52% of men) believe in ghosts.
  •     66% of women (compared to 47% of men) feel that the future can be predicted and that prophecies can come true.
  •     48% of women (compared to 30% of men) believe that they have had several past lives.
  •     33% of women (compared to 16% of men) believe in the predictive accuracy of palm readings, 41% believe in horoscopes (compared to 25% of men), and 49% believe in mind-reading (compared to 36% of men).
  •     67% of women (compared to 52% of men) believe what goes around comes around, and that people will get back what they give to the world (e.g. angry, hostile people are more likely to live in an angry, hostile world).
  •     34% of women (compared to 26% of men) believe in curses, while nearly a third (30%) also believe in black magic (compared to 26% of men).

As for men’s beliefs:

  •     39% believe that the Bermuda triangle poses a danger to ships and airplanes (compared to 26% of women).
  •     43% of men consider it entirely possible that aliens have either already landed on Earth or will do so in the future (compared to 36% of women), while a whopping 70% of men have no doubt that there is life on other planets (compared to 58% of women).
  •     Slightly more men than women believe in Big Foot (26% vs. 22%), alien abductions (18% vs. 14%), alien-created crop circles (25% vs. 22%), and in the conspiracy theory that governments are hiding proof of alien existence (40% vs. 36%).

Surprisingly, an equal amount of men and women believe in the Loch Ness monster (36%), and that the world will end in an apocalypse of Biblical proportions (21%).

“Men tend to lean more toward phenomena that can be measured or observed scientifically,” explains Dr. Jerabek, president of PsychTests, the parent company of Queendom. “Even if images of Yeti or UFOs are suggestively blurry, many still believe that it’s only a matter of time before proof is found. In contrast, women’s beliefs in the paranormal are more likely to revolve around romantic notions, like fate and destiny, and the possibility of moving beyond the veil of death. In fact, 70% of the women in our study believe that two people who are meant to be together will be, while less than half of the men believe this to be the case. Women tend to be more open-minded in general, willing to stretch their mind beyond the seemingly impossible. They are also more likely to trust and listen to their intuition.”

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