Dr. Francoise Farron, Chemist And Founder Of Smart Women's Choice, Inc. Will Be Interviewed Saturday, November 12, At 11:00 A.M. EST By The "Breast Cancer Awareness Show"

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Given the frightening increase in breast cancer resulting from using hormonal contraceptives, Smart Women's Choice is the natural, healthy and completely safe alternative.


Since hormonal contraceptives are known to weaken the immune system, the fact that their used to prevent unwanted pregnancies dramatically increases the incidence of breast cancer should come as no surprise to anyone, least of all to gynecologists.

Yet, shocking and unbelievable but true, is the tragic fact that gynecologists still prescribe the pill and the patch, and administer subcutaneous injections of hormonal contraceptives without ever informing their patients of the tremendous risks they are taking by using these substances.

Even more shocking is the fact that these substances are FDA approved! It is so unbelievable that it bears repeating: The Federal agency that is supposed to look out for health and safety approves substances that dramatically increase the incidence of breast cancer.

Ever since Dr. Farron has started marketing Smart Women’s Choice, the one and only hormone-free, natural, healthy and completely safe birth control, more than two and a half years ago, women write to her every day, thanking her for bringing SWC to market, so they can stop taking the pill, or get rid of their intra-uterine devices, because they know these contraceptives are making them ill.

Only a week ago a woman called, asking questions about SWC and telling her, trying to repress her tears, that she has to have a total mastectomy. Her gynecologist gave her an injection of one of those hormonal contraceptives; the woman’s nipples started bleeding and when she told her doctor about it, he/she said that was normal.

Makes you wonder at what Medical School that doctor graduated?

These and related matters will be discussed at the forthcoming radio interview of Dr. Francoise Farron by THOMAS MARINO, host of the radio program ‘Breast Cancer Awareness,’ November 12, at 11 a.m. EST - don’t miss it!!

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