If Botox were a pillow, this would be it, as it guarantees to never crush your face or create pillow lines and wrinkles like traditional pillows do

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Product Developer, Gym Hoodie™, revolutionizes traditional pillows with the release of two mind-blowing contour pillows. The Gym Hoodie™ Wrinkle Therapy pillow

Gym Hoodie™ Wrinkle Therapy Pillow

Gym Hoodie™ is revolutionizing the pillow as we know it!

Product Developer, Andres Roban a.k.a. Gym Hoodie™, releases two mind-blowing contour pillows on Indiegogo. The first pillow, the Gym Hoodie™ Wrinkle Therapy pillow, is guaranteed to eliminate the face crushing associated with sleeping on traditional pillows. The second pillow, the Gym Hoodie™ Side Sleeper pillow, will dissuade individuals from sleeping on their hands.

The name "Gym Hoodie™" was coined after he invented a fitness towel in the design of a gym hoodie. That was when, he said, most of his family and friends, proud of his invention, stopped calling him Andres, and replaced it with Gym Hoodie™. He said he embraced it then and still embraces the name today, as it's a reminder of his humble beginnings. Since then, he has been hard at work inventing new products and revolutionizing existing products.

Here is his unique and somewhat somber story that led him to the development of these innovative pillows.

It was years ago as a kid and an Asthma sufferer, Gym Hoodie™ would take his filled pillow, twist and turn it like most of us do, to get that perfect shape which allowed him to breathe more freely and sleep better at nights. After sleeping on this particular pillow shape for some time, he purchased a small piece of foam to replicate the same shape he made from the filled pillow. Lo and behold, it kept working wonders for him, continuing to help him to breathe better and sleep better at nights for years to come.

One day, Gym Hoodie™ set out to purchase an even larger piece of foam to make an actual full sized pillow in the hopes of helping others benefit in the same way he did. Seeking the advice of a Patent Attorney, he decided it was time to secure his pillow design so he can one day bring it to market.

After years of perfecting the pillow designs, tweaking here and there, producing prototypes to molded samples and having actual test subjects try these pillows out, they are now ready to take on the world.

For too long, people have been desperately searching for a few things relating to sleep:

1) A pillow that will provide proper neck and spine alignment and support.
2) A pillow that is guaranteed to slow down the progression of facial fine lines and wrinkles caused by the crushing of the face while sleeping on traditional filled and memory foam pillows.
3) A pillow that will resolve the issue of sleeping on your hands or sticking your hands under your pillow while sleeping, waking with cramped, painful, numb hands.

Now, they have all the above benefits in these two pillows.

The Gym Hoodie™ Wrinkle Therapy pillow is designed with wrinkle curves, a head-cradling surface, shoulder curves, and chin support. Offering zero face crush, this pillow is perfect for Botox patients, individuals who have had other facial cosmetic procedures or those who are seeking to slow down the progression of pillow facial fine lines and wrinkles. Each curve will ensure your face will never crush into the pillow while you sleep.....guaranteed!

The Gym Hoodie™ Side Sleeper pillow is designed with a head-cradling surface, shoulder curves and chin support. Though not designed with wrinkle curves, this pillow does have a replacement bonus in the form of hand-rest grooves, a place where you gently lay your hands while sleeping. This is an amazing alternative to sleeping on your hands or sticking them under the pillow while sleeping, causing you to wake with painful tingling and cramped hands.

Endorsed by New Jersey Chiropractor, Dr. Jack Atzmon, a recognized Chiropractic expert in Repetitive Stress injuries, who had the opportunity to test these pillows and give some brutally honest feedback, he said: "each contour and curve on these pillows were designed with proper support and sleep comfort in mind, even for sleep apnea patients. I can't wait to have all my patients try these pillows."

With the holiday season fast approaching, these pillows should be on everyone's bucket list.

They are now available for Pre-Order on Indiegogo with some amazing Perks: https://igg.me/at/GymHoodie/x/14911149
"Super Early Bird Backers" get $125 OFF the MSRP for the Gym Hoodie™ Wrinkle Therapy pillow and $65 OFF the MSRP for the Gym Hoodie™ Side Sleeper pillow.

If you would like to know more about these two amazing pillows, please feel free to contact Gym Hoodie™ by any of the convenient methods listed below. Our lives are about to get much better people!

Andres Roban a.k.a. Gym Hoodie™
Company Name: Gym Hoodie,LLC
Cell(call or text): 718-781-0261
Email Address: press at gymhoodie.com
Website URL: http://www.gymhoodie.com
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