Pure Type 2 Collagen has Proven to be the "Anti-aging" Miracle of the Day Helping to Eliminate Wrinkles

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Secret Shoppers Society, inc. a Beverly Hills, CA. corporation is now licensed to distribute pure type 2 collagen in capsule form to the masses

Secret Shoppers Society, inc. a Beverly Hills, CA. corporation is now licensed to distribute pure type 2 collagen to the masses. As many people already know, collagen creams can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and have enjoyed a certain amount of attention over the past few years. Actually, the collagen creams that are around only have a relatively small amount of actual collagen in them and are not pure type 2 collagen, so the results are usually quite temporary and limited.

Pure type 2 collagen took things to the next level and proved to be the "anti-aging" miracle of the day, if consumers could stand getting needles and injections directly into their face. That was the limiting factor because in the past, people could only benefit from it if it was injected. But now all of that is changed, because now it is available in capsule form. Smart consumers can now say goodbye to surgery. Now anyone can literally have a painless face-lift in a jar. And there are so many more benefits that it gets even better... in recent studies pure collagen can drastically relieve joint pain.

Early users have said that while taking the collagen, their joint pain symptoms had considerably been reduced after just a few months of daily use. It's accomplished this by replacing the lack of cartilage that leads to joint pain. Joint pain suffers are reaching epidemic levels and joint pain is not curable by any means. However, taking pure type 2 collagen can give almost anyone dramatic relief. Results vary from individuals depending on the severity of the case. There are plenty of collagen products out there if consumers look for them, but they are not pure type 2 collagen and simply do not compare. Encore Collagen is pure type 2 collagen and must be tried to believe the amazing results that people have been consistently getting. Collagen is the body's most abundant natural protein. It is the "glue" that holds the human body together and is the essential structural component of all connective tissue. 75% of skin is collagen. The use of collagen to aid a wide range of various disorders has been well documented and dates all the way back to the twelfth century.

Joint pain is characterized by the gradual but very progressive damage to the joints. Present day treatment is based mainly on physical therapy including heat, massage and movement and sometimes, steroids and pain killers. The main reason this doesn't work well is because it fails to tackle the heart of the problem. Encore Collagen is a natural food supplement designed by some of the brightest scientific minds in the world. Wrinkles are a sure indicator of collagen loss or deficiency. With aging the body produces less collagen and is not contained In any foods like vitamins are.

Collagen enhanced creams (i.e. not pure type 2 collagen like Encore Collagen) may only penetrate 2 to 3 layers of the skin. This is accomplished by taking Encore Collagen capsules which were developed to specifically work from the inside out. Doctors know that the loss of collagen is what makes the skin age. There is simply no need now for anyone to bother with the danger of surgery if one can safely and naturally replace lost collagen with Encore Collagen. http://www.secretshopperssociety.net

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