Square Enix and Omelet Create Live-Action TV Spot for FINAL FANTASY XV

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“Stand Together” – featuring Florence + the Machine’s iconic cover of ‘Stand By Me’ – follows four best friends on the adventure of a lifetime.

To kick off the release of FINAL FANTASY® XV, Square Enix® and Omelet have partnered for “Stand Together,” an action-packed prime-time TV spot that follows four best friends on an epic adventure, featuring Florence + the Machine’s cover of “Stand by Me.”

“The goal of FINAL FANTASY XV has been to make the game as open and as accessible as ever. We wanted to do something different for fans and newcomers of the franchise to invite them to stand together for the celebration of the launch of FINAL FANTASY XV,” said Mat Kishimoto, Square Enix Senior Product Manager. “We’re excited to have worked with Omelet to produce this piece that merges together the worlds of gaming and live action. We’re blown away by the amount of collaborative effort, creative energy, and passion we’ve been able to bring together for this project.”

Shot in Romania’s Padina Forest during the Summer of 2016, the TV spot closely follows the landmark franchise’s mission to encourage the spirit of adventure in everyone by personifying players as the heroes we all want to be.

“FINAL FANTASY is a huge franchise, one of the biggest of all time. So doing this live-action spot was an incredible responsibility. We set out to capture the spirit of adventure that was everywhere when the franchise launched back in 1987, and use that to showcase the emotion and fun of FFXV.” said Josh Smutko, Creative Director at Omelet. He added, “Square Enix is a great partner. They gave us a lot of freedom, but they also collaborated with us the whole way. Together, we were able to make something that lives up to the game.”

Omelet and Square Enix tapped up-and-coming feature film director Kasra Farahani, who is known for his creative work on set for films like Marvel’s Black Panther, Allegiant, Insurgent, and Alice in Wonderland. This is one of Farahani’s first commercial productions.

“I love bringing great creative ideas to life with incredible partners like Omelet and Square Enix but it’s an added bonus when I can fulfill my own dreams at the same time. I cannot imagine any kid who grew up wanting to be a filmmaker, as I did, not jumping at the prospect of making a film about four young insurgents in the woods, bravely standing up to a powerful foe and solving whatever problems may arise,” said Director Kasra Farahani. “At its core, that is exactly what this spot is all about. This is a film about brotherhood, friendship and devotion and we cast a fearless little group of young insurgents to show fans that you can be tossed by circumstance into survival mode, left to your own resources and still come out victorious.”

After years of public anticipation, FINAL FANTASY XV comes with a host of unique features. Outside of the new open world -- which gives players free reign to explore -- the game also has a completely new battle system that allows for fast, fluid, real-time combat.

About Omelet:
Omelet is an independent boutique creative agency that works with progressive partners including AT&T, Pokémon, Smashbox, and Walmart. The Omelet Studio division creates original content for both brands and its own networks.

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