VersaClimber Specialist Announces Crawling Workshop

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Elite Training Boston, the East Coast’s first VersaClimber fitness studio, announce a one time only workshop bringing the benefits of Crawling and Vestibular Reset training to Boston. Elite’s performance enhancement specialist, William Byrd, will conduct the full day workshop on Saturday, December 17th.

William Byrd of Elite Training Boston

The workshop is designed for anyone who is interested in . . .

Building a foundation of reflexive strength
Enhancing their balance and proprioception
Resetting their central nervous system
Boosting their core strength
Improving their posture and walking gait

Byrd has been a long term advocate of Crawling training. He has been using it for years to help clients overcome mobility problems, restore their original strength and regain the resiliency they were meant to have. “Crawling isn’t just for babies,’ he says, “It is the key to improving and integrating the whole body.”

The Event

What: Crawl Training / Vestibular Reset Workshop

When: Saturday, December 17, 2016

Where: Elite Training, Boston
             150 Belmont Street
             Watetown, MA 02472

Contact: William Byrd:


About Crawl Training

Crawling is a developmental movement pattern that builds connections between neural pathways. This allows the brain to become a more efficient communicator between its left and right hemispheres.

In addition, crawling unifies the sensory systems of the body. The vestibular, or balance, system, is aligned with the proprioceptive and visual systems. The result is that trainers are more balanced, spacially aware and have improved hand eye coordination.

Crawl training also develops reflexive strength. This relates to the body’s ability to anticipate movement before it happens. It is the foundation of all strength development. By teaching the shoulders and hips to work together in a coordinated fashion, crawling quickly improves the trainers’ coordinated opposite limb movement. At the same time, it reflexively stimulates the muscles throughout the arms, legs and torso, teaching them to ‘fire’ on command.

When a person is upright, the spine carries 60% of their weight and can quickly become one of the body’s weak links. 70% of the body’s blood is below the heart, which isn’t conducive to it being pumped back to the heart. Also the head, being the highest point of the body, can easily lack blood supply. Many biologists believe that coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and spinal diseases are related to being upright.

Crawl training takes the head and heart from a vertical to a horizontal position, lowering the center of gravity. This allows the blood to circulate clearly to the heart and head. It also eases the weight bearing demands on the spine.

Other benefits of crawl training are that it . . .

Resets the central nervous system
Lowers stress levels
Improves exercise recovery
Improves memory and eyesight
Improves digestion
Enhances core strength

The Trainer

William Byrd is a certified personal trainer with accreditation from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and Functional Movement Systems (FMS). He has trained hundreds of clients to achieve the shape of their lives, including professional sports people striving for peak performance, housewives looking to drop extra pounds and celebrities intent on nailing a role.

Byrd operates Elite Training Boston, a fully equipped training studio out of Watertown, MA. In addition to a selection of brand new VersaClimbers, the facility features a full range of Eleiko bars and resistance plates, along with more traditional cardio equipment such as rower and treadmills.

Byrd offers individual training sessions, where the client is able to choose from a range of workout options including bodyweight, resistance, the VersaClimber or a combination of these. He also offers group classes, which are limited to four in order to retain the personal touch.

The Studio

Elite Training Boston is a fully equipped, state of the art fitness training studio. It offers the perfect match of fully equipped functionality and personalized attention to detail service.

Elite Training Boston offer classes every 45 minutes throughout the day between 6am and 7:00 pm.

The studio is located at:

150 Belmont St, Watertown, MA 02472

Contact Information:

Elite Training Boston
150 Belmont St, Watertown, MA 02472

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