Tony Jeton Selimi Offers Wake-Up Call to Encourage People to Redefine Themselves, Overcome Loneliness

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Author releases new book that explores loneliness from scientific, psychological, spiritual perspectives.

Book signing at Book Launch of #Loneliness Mouna Salih

A balm for the restless soul yearning for connection, freedom, and love in the desert of emptiness. - Forward by Dr. John Demarpini international best selling author

In an ever technologically advanced, interconnected world, it may seem strange to believe that loneliness is a problem. In this just released book “#Loneliness: The Virus of the Modern Age” (published by Balboa Press), author Tony Jeton Selimi addresses the root cause of the globe’s most pressing problems as an effect of disconnection. He points to the pain of rejection and the feeling of being unloved, uncared, and different from the norm as causes for inner discord, high divorce rates, and the segregation we experience worldwide that can bring about war and offers the light people need to find their most authentic, present self.

“I got inspired to write this timely book and the subject of loneliness as it is a global problem that impacts billions of people around the world,” Selimi explains. “I wrote this book as a call for love, a call for people to redefine themselves in the midst of adversity, and for both personal and humanitarian reasons.”

“#Loneliness” provides an answer to the deep loneliness and isolation that result from feeling separation, judgment, fear and emptiness. It helps readers recognize their “magnificent self” as it offers clarity to why people allow themselves to be subjugated by other’s judgments. It also reveals how loneliness and isolation lead down a path toward depression, anxiety and other mental, physical and emotional illnesses.

“If every individual on the planet learned the wisdom embedded in every paragraph of this book, if children in schools, parents, adults, employees and leaders learned more about the power that each one of us has that is both destructive and constructive, we would be able to use this power to better our world, create more balance, better health, bring about peace, and help each culture and society evolve to such level that creates collaboration, better services, and solve global problems.”

“This book helps the readers find their inner sonar and pierce this cocooned world, open their hearts and minds to awaken their personal genius as they move away from the loneliness of the digital era and into the ocean of interconnected living and being, “ Selimi describes.

#Loneliness introduces the reader to a new way of thinking that will transcend their mind and elevate their being, igniting a revolution in thinking to better our modern world. #Loneliness is a flash light that illuminates minds darkest parts and unleashes the infinite source of supreme wisdom.

This new book helps readers break through their apparent loneliness, awaken their hearts true calling, and get them to speak their inner truth which helps them center their being. “This is a journey we must all engage in to create heaven on earth, save us from oblivion, and shift us toward crowd-nurtured world peace and the next stage in our evolution,” says Selimi.

#Loneliness shows the reader how to face life adversity head on and live life in a specific state of Mastery where it almost seems as if the Universe is your best friend supporting their every move. It will challenge the reader, inspire them, make them thirsty and keep them curios to know more. This simple, practical and easy-to-read book will guide readers to learn how by training their mind, mastering emotions, their body will follow and their heart will awaken.

By Tony Jeton Selimi
Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 236 pages | ISBN 9781504344012
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 236 pages | ISBN 9781504343992
E-Book | 238 pages | ISBN 9781504344005
Audio Book |
Available at Amazon, iTunes, and Waterstones

About the Author

Tony Jeton Selimi is an award-winning author, coach and internationally known human behavior and cognition expert to business leaders, CEOs and entrepreneurs who seek his help to find solutions to personal, professional, spiritual and global problems. As a speaker, he shares an enlightening perspective, humorous metaphors and a compelling, heart-illuminating personal journey.

His clients are businesses, entrepreneurs and leaders who seek his help to manifest their highest vision, to be more healthy, wealthy, wise, spiritual and influential. They range from Celebrities, MPs, Dr’s, Scientists, Coaches, entrepreneurs, to CEO’s of FTSE 100 companies such as Microsoft, SAP, Bank of America, E&Y, Vandercom and Deutche Bank.

He assists them in unleashing the power that comes from creating balance in all of the eight key areas of life: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial, business, relationship and love. He helps them keep their mind focused and calm, their emotions satisfied and balanced and their heart open and grateful, so that they can achieve their desired outcomes and be of greater service to humanity. He is regularly sought out to advise on subjects of leadership, mindfulness, Entrepreneurialship, conscious relationships, culture and innovation to corporations of all sizes and industries, government, politics and education. Tony leaves his clients feeling inspired, enlightened, and peaceful. Selimi is also the author of Amazon #1 bestselling and award winning book “A Path to Wisdom.” More information can be found at: and

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