Uniquely Patented Designed Step UP Bike Combines a Stair Stepper & Bike Delivering a Superior Riding and Workout Experience Over its Competition

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"Step UP Bike's" advantage is its patented "Rail System & Transmission" which allows for small or full length strides that any exercise bike using a sprocket cannot match. Using 12 muscle groups, you burn more calories and get a full body workout.

“It’s a great workout. It’s not just about your legs either. When I got off it, my arms, my shoulders, it was a full body workout and the good thing about it is, it can be as hard as you want it to be, it can be as easy as you want it to be.” Chis Osgood.

Franklin, Mi: The Step UP Bike was invented by a mechanical engineer employed at one of the auto manufacturing companies located in Detroit Michigan. The idea was born out of need for exercise that could match that of running without the impact. Many people who enjoy running, experience pain and inflammation in their joints caused from the consistent “high impact” of running. Many exercise enthusiasts and marathon runners are looking for stimulating exercise that treadmills and ellipticals don't deliver. That's how the Step Up was born. By combining the stepping function of a stair master and putting the rail system on a bicycle, the desired non-impact stimulating workout is achieved.

Fast forward to today, after 2 years of development, the Step UP Bike was born! Step UP Bike has been tested, refined and is ready for large scale distribution. This unique exercise machine has been proven to be a “low-impact”, actually no-impact high performance exercise bike. It has 9 or 18 gears, that allows a rider to step as fast or slow as they wish achieving a perfect workout for each individual rider. It is so versatile, it can be used for: casual riding, cross training, cardio interval training, leg and joint rehab, or a green mode of transportation utilizing our electric assist model. Because of our patented design, use of full body function and outdoor or indoor capability, we are very uniquely positioned in the market place beating other bikes and exercise equipment at every step.

Step UP Bike value proposition is vast. Here is a list of reasons consumers will love the Step UP Bike.

  • No impact cardio workout, perfect upright anatomical position riding and coasting position
  • Burns calories, 40 % faster than a bike workout
  • Full body (Upper &Lower) exercise, building lean muscle mass throughout
  • Great non-impact cross-training to prevent repetitive injuries and peak performance
  • Great recovery interval training exercise
  • Green transportation featuring manual and electric assisted modes
  • Fun to ride! Greater exercising results in a shorter period of time.

Hidden Benefits.

There has been a lot of research and articles written that claim that traditional leisure and exercise activities, such as bike-riding might have some negative effects in the bedroom. According to a publication recently in Men’s Health magazine (published on webmd.com) http://www.webmd.com/men/features/is-biking-bad-for-bedroom#1. Seeing that the traditional bicycle could be causing secondary consequences for both men and women makes the Step UP bike a perfect alternate for getting that great workout, while at the same time allowing for a relaxing ride around the neighborhood. “More and more you hear about the more you sit the worse it is for your health”, says Mike Korson (Partner-Step UP Bike). In the last few years you have seen the sales of stand-up desks for use in corporate office environments, along with this recent research into harmful effects that could be linked to riding a bicycle. We think the timing for launching our Step UP Bike couldn’t be better because of these revelations.

What’s the latest?

The Step UP Bike team recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise awareness and investors looking to see the next generation Step UP Bike. Prior to this launch you might have witnessed the Step UP Bike joining in a community bike ride in and around the Detroit area. This grass-roots approach was a great way to expose the really great benefits of what the Step UP bike offers people of all ages who want to have fun outdoors and exercise in a beneficial manner. Young and older riders were exposed and test rode the Step UP Bike with overwhelming approval & excitement.

Who is leading the campaign?

Scott MacDonald & Michael Korson, both partners & Kickstarter creators, in the Step UP Bike have many years in Sales, Marketing, Technology, and Sports Science.

“The Step UP Bike adds fun to exercise. I enjoyed riding while getting a better workout than my bike, treadmill or elliptical can deliver", stated Michael Korson.

"There is plenty of research in sports science on how traditional exercise methods can cause greater long term pain within your joints and muscle groups, Step UP Bike really allows people to have a low impact, fun, cardio-vascular workout that does not create an overuse injury from having a single method of exercising, such as running or biking. “The great thing about the Step UP Bike is that it was a machine that was designed in effect to help prevent the injuries most often associated with marathon running, so it helps combine both the ease of bike riding with the workout of running”, stated Scott MacDonald.

Visit http://www.stepup.bike for more information.

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