Private Negotiators can Help Individuals and Small Businesses Save Thousands on Their Next Purchases.

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After more than 26 years of corporate experience, and using techniques inspired by Harvard University’s Program on Negotiations and the FBI’s Hostage Negotiations Program, a group of experienced professional negotiators has come together to form “Optimum Negotiators”, a company that is providing Private Negotiation services to small businesses and the general public.

A few hours spent properly preparing for a salary negotiation can be the most valuable investment an individual can make in his or her lifetime.

One of many examples of where such services can be extremely valuable is in the purchase of a car for an individual or a small fleet for a family or business. “Every day across America more than 20.000 cars are sold to individuals. Car dealers have taken the process to a whole new level. They are one of the sectors that invests the highest volumes of money to train and develop their professionals,” says Rogerio Bastos, Founding Partner and CEO of the company, “but in a majority of the cases, there is an opportunity to save a few thousand dollars per car if a negotiation is conducted properly”, he adds.

“There are many people who are afraid, uncomfortable or simply do not like to negotiate. These people leave a lot of their money on the table every single day across America. Our goal is to help these individuals balance the scale and to get more bang for their buck, by using the most modern negotiation techniques available on their behalf. And since our fees are generally based on a percentage of what we save for our clients, we are always aligned with the clients’ interests,” says Bastos.

There are also instances where having a third party negotiating on your behalf can be especially important, such as situations that are emotionally charged. “The allocation of a family estate, or a divorce settlement, especially if custody is being discussed, for example, if not discussed in the proper way, can create shockwaves that will reverberate through those families for decades,” adds Mr. Bastos.

And for those that already have negotiation experience, they are also able to help, by doing mock runs and simulations to test your approach. “One of our most valuable services is to help the individual see how a negotiation could play out according to their own scenario and to prepare fallbacks and alternates that can help them achieve their objectives when unexpected situations surface during the negotiation,” says Mr. Bastos.

Optimum Negotiators also coaches individuals and helps them prepare for situations where having a third party present is not possible or appropriate, such as a job negotiation. “A few hours spent properly preparing for a salary negotiation can be the most valuable investment an individual can make in his or her lifetime, as it is highly likely to impact the path of that individual’s compensation and overall benefits for many many years,” adds Mr. Bastos.

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