The Super Bowl of Tax Minimization

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Retirement income and tax reduction specialists, Barry H Spencer and Scott Noble will be the featured retirement planning educators in a new special briefing that informs retirees and soon-to-be-retirees on tax minimization strategies that results in a more secure retirement income.

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Some things were meant to go together, even after a long wait, like the Atlanta Falcons and the Super Bowl. The last time the Atlanta Falcons made it to the Super Bowl was 1999. A lot has changed for the team and the city of Atlanta since then.

What hasn’t changed is the tax burden felt by the millions of Americans set to attend and watch the game this week.

In 1999, there were five federal tax brackets. The marginal rate for married couples filling jointly was 15% on income under $43,050, 28% on income under $104,050, 31% on income under $158,550, 36% on income over $283,150 and 39.6%.

The end of the Falcons season in 1999 that included the creation of The Dirty Bird dance pioneered by running back Jamal Anderson led the way for the team to reach the Super Bowl.

The Dirty Bird dance has seen somewhat of a resurrection with another Super Bowl appearance by the Falcons.

What has also seen some resurrection is more talk about tax changes. Currently nothing has changed and like it was in 1999 the tax code remains cumbersome.

Currently, there are seven federal tax brackets. The marginal rate for married couples filling jointly is 10% on income under $17,850, 15% on income under $72,500, 25% on income under $146,400, 28% on income under $223,050, 33% on income under $398,350, 35% on income under $450,000 and over $450,000 its still 39.6%.

Tax reform tops the list of desired changes of hard working Americans lifting the weight of federal income burden most hard working Americans feel.

Uncovering the opportunities within the current tax code and looking forward to the possibilities that are ahead is a focus on the next special briefing hosted by the creators of Wealth With No Regrets®.

The tax reduction and retirement income session will address many of the common challenges faced by millionaire retirees and soon-to-be-retirees including tax reduction strategies and retirement income opportunities.

The purpose of the special briefing is to inform business owners, executives and professionals in north Atlanta about the latest tax saving strategies that can be used to help meet their retirement income needs.

Like the Falcons hoping to create a new future as Super Bowl Champions, so are many Americans hoping the newly elected Congress and White House Administration will create a new future with lower taxes.

Tax reduction under current structures will be easier than tax reform. Tax reform has been on the discussion table in Congress for six straight years receiving the attention of over 80 meetings on the subject.

While some people may be taking a ‘wait and see’ approach. They may be waiting a long time. The last time real tax reform was passed in this country was the 1986 Tax Reform Act signed by then President Ronald Reagan that didn’t go into effect until 1988.

Since the tax reform of 1986, the U.S. tax code has gone from less than 30,000 pages to over 70,000. Regardless of tax legislation that the current Congress passes or doesn’t pass there are significant opportunities right now for people to reduce taxes and create more secure retirement income.

Looking back at the past, those who were proactive in their approach were able to take advantage of opportunities in the tax code to lower taxes and position their dollar and retirement money for efficient use when they would need it most.

Taxes on retirement money including income, capital gains and estate taxes are a focus of this special briefing from the creators of Wealth With No Regrets® because of the many opportunities to reduce the tax burdens faced by today’s retirees.

Attendees of the briefing will gain insights from their use of research, interviews and actual examples of failures and success in retirement planning. Tax and retirement income specialists Barry H Spencer and Scott Noble have designed this free special briefing for retired and soon-to-be-retired executives, business owners, senior level leadership, professionals and women on their own with wealth.

For more resources and to find out more about the next retirement special briefing on Thursday, February 16 at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Alpharetta visit,

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