Top 8 2017 Valentine’s Day Trends Unveiled by Sweet T Flowers

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Expert Florist Tina Enyart Discusses What’s Hot and What’s Not for This Year’s Lovers’ Holiday; Sweet T Flowers Creates Valentine’s Day Bundled Masterpiece that Incorporates All of the Top Trends

It’s no secret that with February 14 approaching, love is in the air. What might surprise you are some of changing buying trends heading into the lovers’ holiday. Expert florist and owner of Sweet T Flowers Tina Enyart today released the brand’s Top 8 2017 Valentine’s Day Trends and a masterpiece bundle created specifically to incorporate everything that’s hot this year:
1)    Online ordering – Despite owning her own shop, Enyart says visiting a florist is slowly becoming a thing of the past, and she’s adapting; however, Enyart contends, “For those who take the time to stop in, the personalized approach, which can only be done in store, is now the secret weapon for those wishing to stand out.”
2)    Flower bars – Enyart once had a monopoly with her original idea of a flower bar (think Salad Bar, you make your own arrangement) but she sees this trend increasing, based on the increasing wish for true personalization. “People are blown away by the flower bar. They look and stare but once they get it, they dive in and it becomes their preferred method of buying flowers.”
3)    Red is dead – Red roses, once the holiday staple, are still popular, but more colorful and creative options that include an array of assorted flowers are becoming more popular designed, in what Enyart refers to as “an organic, whimsical style.” She continues, “You can never go wrong with red, but women are becoming increasingly more receptive to an array of colors and flowers.”
4)    American-grown – It is undeniable the escalated level of Americana in a post-election year. “Where are these flowers grown?” is a question she’s heard more this year than in the previous three years combined. Enyart loves the question because all of her flowers are American-grown. “It was more a personal choice than a response to the trend but I’m certainly pleased that my instinct is synching with customers who want to buy American.”
5)    Southern hospitality – The South represents calm peace and for Valentine’s Day, a sweet charm. “Especially in the Carolinas,” said Enyart, “people gravitate to arrangements that represent a southern feel which evokes a feeling of romance and whimsy. She quips, “If in your mind, you’re going to Carolina, why not bring the Carolinas to wherever you may be.” An overwhelming majority of Sweet T’s flowers are purchased in the Carolinas.
6)    Organic- Enyart feels it’s more a lifestyle than a trend, and this too was a personal choice that appears to mirror the public’s sentiment. “People just feel better buying flowers from organic and sustainable farms free of insecticides and harsh chemicals, which are the only flowers we buy.”
7)    Experiential buying – In addition to personalizing their order, customers want to be a part of it. “People gravitate toward the ‘experiences’ like workshops where the customer can actually feel, see, and learn to create among friends and family. And even if you can’t be here, the custom crates have that personal feel like you might have designed it yourself.
8)    One-stop shopping- Enyart says flowers are a must, but only buying flowers is a mistake. “It’s thoughtful but can come across as an easy out. But if you combine flowers with other items like gourmet chocolates and goodies, things that last longer than flowers, you extend the holiday and that loving feeling that comes along with it.”

    Based on her exceptional instincts and this year’s hot trends, Enyart and her team set out to design the perfect Valentine’s Day masterpiece at price points that appeal to all. Of her bundled creation, she says, “We can ship it anywhere, it has more colors than red, all flowers are American-grown in the Carolinas from organic and sustainable farms. It has the flower bar feel because it includes a wide variety of flowers. It has a southern, experiential feel with cedar crates hand-crafted by a local retiree wood-working club who build these. Finally, there are caramels, cookies, chocolate, candles and relaxing bath salts, which you’d spend days shopping for individually.”
    Sweet T’s 2017 Valentine’s Day Bundle, with three different price points and available to ship nationwide, include the following (image available upon request) all neatly arranged in a hand-made Sweet T Flowers crate:

  •     French Broad Chocolates Aphrodisiac Collection Gourmet Truffles
  •     Young Plantations Double Dipped Chocolate Pecans
  •     Postre Sea Salt hand-made Caramels
  •     Willas Classic Shortbread Cookies
  •     Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn in Salted Caramel
  •     Charleston Candle Works 100% soy handmade candle
  •     Southern Fragrances relaxing bath salts

    All crates are priced based on the size of the bouquet that accompanies the other goodies. Prices range from $135 for Standard (with small bouquet), $175 for Deluxe (with medium bouquet) to $205 (with large bouquet).
    “This is the bomb diggity of Valentine’s Day gifts this year. We listened, watched, then created. It is the only item we’ve seen that incorporates every single hot trend of Valentine’s Day 2017.”
All Valentine’s Day bundles can be ordered at the Sweet T Flowers web site: or by calling 704-843-8248. You can follow Sweet T Flowers on Instagram and Facebook.
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