What Developers Need to Learn to Stay Relevant In 2017 – Packt’s Industry Experts Share Their Advice

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Industry experts share their opinions on tech and what developers need to learn to stay relevant in 2017


Keeping up with the rapidly changing tech landscape can be a challenge for developers, which is why Packt, creators of the Mapt skills platform, aim to make staying relevant as easy as possible. As part of this mission, Packt have teamed up with a range of the industry’s leading thinkers to collate their insights on 2017’s tech landscape.

Packt’s ‘Skill Up: Developer Talk’ report assembles insights from Packt authors who are actively driving technology forward in their sectors - from game developers to programmers, data scientists to security analysts. The ‘Skill Up: Developer Talk’ report, which is available for download at http://www.packtpub.com/packt/free-ebook/skill-developer-talk, shares the insights from this wide range of industry experts in order to build a clear picture of the state of software now, and help developers map their essential learning for 2017.

What to expect from ‘Skill Up: Developer Talk’
‘Skill Up: Developer Talk’ is essential reading for developers working in every major area in modern software, business leaders, and the technologically curious. The report builds upon insights from Packt’s Developer Skills Report, published in July 2016, and offers direct testimony and a comprehensive view of today’s tech landscape from influential tech professionals. From where we are today, to what’s going to be important in 2017 and the years to come, this report pieces together dominant trends to practical details that make up the day-to-day of the tech professional’s life. Developers can benefit from the advice shared in in-depth interviews with their expert peers, as well as Packt’s recommendations for the essential skills to learn in 2017 on their recently launched online learning platform, Mapt.

The report features interviews with Packt’s expert authors, from Google software engineers to award-winning game designers, who specialise in the following sectors:

  • Web development
  • Mobile development
  • Game development
  • Programming
  • Data
  • Security

As well as sharing their predictions on ‘the next big thing’ developers should be learning, these experts reflect on developments in their field over the past year, the challenges and opportunities their sector faces in 2017, and their frontline experience of learning and developing in their careers.

Download ‘Skill Up: Developer Talk’ at packtpub.com/packt/free-ebook/skill-developer-talk

Highlights from Skill Up: Developer Talk - What should developers be learning in 2017?
‘Learn about how browsers actually work. Many developers have a broad understanding of the Javascript framework they grok, but a poor or non-existent understanding of the relationship between ECMAScript, JavaScript runtimes, event loops, and browser APIs, just to name a few. I suppose it’s similar to driving a car without understanding how the engine works, but you can bet Formula 1 drivers knows what’s going on under the hood.’
Matt Frisbie, Software Engineer at Google
Author of AngularJS Web Application Development Cookbook, AngularJS: Maintaining Web Applications, and Angular 2 Cookbook: Second Edition

‘New [mobile] developers need to take the time to understand the view lifecycles on the platform for which they are developing. You need to understand how you can push pixels to the screen, when they will show and when they will disappear… Lifecycle operations are important and need to be learned and mastered early on.’
Keith Elliott, Senior Mobile Application Architect
Author of Swift 3 New Features

‘One of the most important things to learn is to have a sense of scope. It is much better to create something small and polished first instead of trying to create a huge project and then stop midway through development.’
John Doran, Technical Game Designer
Author of Unreal Engine Game Development Cookbook, Building an FPS Game in Unity, Unity Game Development Blueprints, Getting Started with UDK, UDK Game Development, and Mastering UDK Game Development

‘When we’re developing software, there must be an element of learning. Either the technology is new or the solution approach (or both) is new. A known solution that’s built with known technology is generally something that can be downloaded.’
Steven F. Lott, veteran Python Programmer
Author of Python Essentials, Mastering Object-Oriented Python, Functional Python Programming, and Python for Secret Agents

‘It will be very important for data scientists to add value in ways that go beyond knowing how to run machine learning and statistical models. Building presentation and storytelling skills can go a long way, as can adding domain-specific expertise (i.e., industry-specific knowledge).’
Brett Lantz, Data Scientist and Sociologist
Author of Machine Learning with R, R: Data Analysis and Visualisation, and R: Unleash Machine Learning Techniques

‘Security around IoT and ICS continues to be a growing issue into the 21st century. Whilst IoT is a big buzzword right now, it will influence things to come heavily as non-traditional integrated systems are implemented and abused in increasingly strange situations.’
Cameron Buchanan, Penetration Tester
Author of Kali Linux CTF Blueprints, Kali Linux Wireless Penetration Testing: Beginner’s Guide, Python Web Penetration Testing Cookbook, and Python: Penetration Testing for Developers

Discover more insights in the ‘Skill Up: Developer Talk’, available for download at packtpub.com/packt/free-ebook/skill-developer-talk


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