Cloud-based Software Services Provider Launches Beta Version of SurgiCode PCS to Improve Hospital and Medical Billing Practices.

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Medical coders and billers now can access and beta test the most powerful and easy to use ICD-10 PCS search program ever developed.

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SurgiCode takes the nearly incomprehensible language and structure of ICD-10 PCS and makes it easy to small feat.

SurgiCode LLC, an innovator in cloud-based medical code search systems, launches SurgiCode PCS. After years of coding, programming, research, and testing, the most powerful ICD-10 PCS code search system ever developed is now available in its pre-launch beta test. The code search system, SurgiCode PCS, is available as a software subscription service through the company's website at

According to RAND Corporation’s study “The Costs and Benefits of Moving to the ICD-10 Code Sets” dated March 2004 the benefits and costs of switching from ICD-9 codes for diagnoses and procedures to ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS, ICD-10 coding allows for more accurate payment for new procedures, fewer rejected claims, fewer fraudulent claims, a better understanding of new procedures and improved disease management. As stated in the full report, “Most observers believe that ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS are technically superior to their ICD-9-CM counterparts. If nothing else, they represent the state of knowledge of the 1990s rather than of the 1970s. They have also been deemed more logically organized, and they are unquestionably more detailed—by a factor of two in diagnoses (and twenty for injuries) and by a factor of fifty in procedures.“

An increase by a factor of 50 in the number of procedure codes available increases the accuracy of coding possible, but also increases the difficulty of the coding task performed by medical coders and billers. SurgiCode was created to address this performance gap, improve coder efficiency and ultimately improve reimbursement.

SurgiCode takes the nearly incomprehensible language and structure of ICD-10 PCS and makes it easy to small feat. The goal was to create a program so powerful that the user would be able to simply type in the name of the operation directly from a surgeon’s operative report and get the correct ICD-10 PCS code. According to Dr. Stephen Kerr, the surgeon who pioneered the system, “In order to accomplish this a number of things had to happen;
Create a comprehensive list of all surgical procedures performed in a hospital operating room setting;
Individually code each unique procedure into ICD-10 PCS (more than 8500 procedures and growing);
Give each operation an easily identifiable name, one that both surgeons and coders alike would be able to recognize, and lastly and perhaps most importantly;
Develop a surgical terminology ‘thesaurus’ for each and every unique operation, which includes any potential alternate terminology (herniorrhaphy vs hernia repair), Named operations (Hartmann’s procedure, Nissen fundoplication) and some abbreviations as well (CABG, PTCA, IABP, lap choli).”

The result of this effort is the most powerful and easy to use ICD-10 PCS search program ever developed. With SurgiCode PCS, medical coders and billers enter the operation performed from the operative report, click search, and instantly receive the ICD-10 procedure code. No more having to navigate online decision trees or offline coding books. With SurgiCode PCS, practitioners involved in medical coding and billing can now get accurate codes, lighting fast.

Interested medical coders and billers are encouraged to visit to register for a free trial today.

About SurgiCode, LLC.
SurgiCode, LLC., provides cloud-based software services for matching standard medical terminology and procedures to diagnosis and procedural billing codes. Hospitals and medical practices survive on the shoulders of medical coders and billers. SurgiCode’s mission is to improve the experiences and efficiencies surrounding medical coding and billing practices.

For more information, visit the company’s website at on Facebook at or follow Surgicode USA on Twitter at @SurgiCode or on LinkedIn at

About RAND Corporation
The RAND Corporation is a nonprofit research organization providing objective analysis and effective solutions that address the challenges facing the public and private sectors around the world.
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In spring 2003, the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics (NCVHS) asked the RAND Corporation to conduct a study of the benefits and costs of switching from ICD-9- CM (International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, Clinical Modification) codes for diagnoses and procedures to code sets based on the 10th revision of ICD: ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS (International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, Procedure Classification System). This technical report presents RAND’s first-order analysis of the benefits and costs of mandating such a switch (of both codes—either simultaneously or sequentially). View the full report.


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