Dr. Sean Southland: The Theory of the Hierarchy of Optimal Neurological Function Paradigm

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Dr. Sean Southland of Performance Research Sciences shares the foundational theory behind what has now become his life long mission in neuro health, to better the human brain with technology and methodology unknown to modern medicine.

Dr. Sean Southland, CEO and founder of Performance Research Sciences releases his Theory of the Hierarchy of Optimal Neurological Function Paradigm. His theory is based on a progressive, forward thinking approach to Optimize the Mind, Activate the Body and Improve Quality of Life. The paradigm elucidates his knowledge, wisdom and experience gained from providing thousands of clinical Advanced Simulation Therapy (AST) sessions with individuals seeking an alternative approach to neurological health and recovery. The genesis of his theory stems from observing both quantitative and qualitative data relative to the individual outcomes of AST protocol client participation focusing on helping people with a broad spectrum of neuro-biological disorders and dysregulation.

Dr. Southland's perspective encompasses a deep understanding of our body and brain, realizing that both are always in a dynamic state of flux, a dynamic state of recovery, rehabilitation and optimal performance. Dr. Southland worked to develop Proprietary Progression Protocols which strive to keep the brain and body in a state of optimal performance, even through life’s transitions.

It is this understanding of the Hierarchy of Optimal Neurological Function which led Dr. Southland to develop Acute Stress Response Training with the idea that chronic stress kills and acute stress heals, by creating simulation therapies. Building on the notion that the brain can be actively challenged and trained, Acute Stress Response Training (ASR) is used in Dr. Southland's therapies to increase cerebral vascular integrity and heighten one’s sensorimotor and neocortex. By allowing the brain to process information faster, the world slows down and an individual can be better equipped for change. Promoting cerebral vascular perfusion and neuroplasticity using ASR trains the brain to remediate brain function maladies, essentially preparing the brain to better handle life’s inevitable intrinsic and extrinsic conditions.

Dr. Southland's AST Matrix Training is a cutting edge approach available to anyone seeking to activate the brain and nervous system through active and passive participation and reorganize the nervous systems to achieve homeostasis by normalizing neural pathways creating a dynamic brain state. Compensatory threshold measures dysregulation which begins to impact the quality of life and Dr. Southland strives to remediate dysregulation for individuals who are beyond ideal standard deviations for optimal quality of life.

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