Webinar to Review Gestational Surrogacy Costs, Risks and Benefits Worldwide

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Sensible Surrogacy founder Bill Houghton will discuss surrogacy costs, benefits and risks for couples considering Gestational Surrogacy overseas. The webinar will include an overview of the local situation and legal framework in a variety of countries.

Surrogacy Cost, Risks and Benefits Webinar
Surrogacy programs have recently popped up in countries where the infant mortality is alarmingly high, and yet couples still choose to have babies there.

Would you choose to deliver your baby in a hospital with no neonatal care unit? What about in a country where 1 in 100 babies will not survive their first month? Many couples make exactly these poor choices because of the shifting options for gestational surrogacy worldwide. In many cases couples are so fixated on where gestational surrogacy has been banned, they don't consider in which countries having a baby may be too risky.

Bill Houghton, the founder of the Sensible Surrogacy consultancy, will discuss “International Surrogacy Cost, Benefits and Risks” during a webinar on Thursday, February 23. The webinar will be streamed by GoSurrogacy.com.

“Several well-developed medical tourism destinations have recently banned surrogacy, typically for cultural reasons. The result is that infertile couples are shunted to increasingly less-developed countries, with higher infant mortality rates and inadequate neonatal facilities,” said Mr. Houghton.

“Surrogacy programs have recently popped up in countries where the infant mortality is alarmingly high, and yet couples still choose to have babies there," he said. “Many just don’t see any other affordable options."

Sensible Surrogacy has developed a unique index which ranks the most popular destinations for gestational surrogacy worldwide. Based on data from the World Health Organization and World Bank, the index puts Canada, Ukraine and the United States at the top of the list. At the bottom of the list are Laos, Kenya and Guatemala. The entire list can be found on the Sensible Surrogacy Guide to How Surrogacy Works.

High levels of neonatal and maternal mortality are a clear indication that the country has inadequate neonatal facilities, says Mr. Houghton. High income inequality may be a mitigating factor, indicating that there are improved healthcare facilities for the country's wealthy, or for foreigners willing to pay. The Surrogacy Guide accounts for these data and more to rank the most and least desirable destinations for surrogacy.

Sensible Surrogacy is a consulting agency that advises Intended Parents on the available options for gestational surrogacy in countries around the world. In the webinar, Mr. Houghton will provide his insights into the most popular and often-cited destinations worldwide, including surrogacy in Ukraine, the United States, Southeast Asia and even Kenya.

According to the webinar, there are five criteria that all couples researching surrogacy should consider when choosing a destination. "What makes a destination risky or safe is not difficult to judge or understand -- but couples continually disregard the obvious and make poor decisions," says Mr. Houghton.

The webinar can be found at GoSurrogacy.com. It will air Thursday, February 23, and then be available recorded through the website.

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