Growing Stars, Inc., a Leading Online Tutoring Company in the US, Unveils Research Report on ‘Tutoring - A Global Perspective'

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There is a perception among some in the US that tutoring is meant only for those who are struggling academically. In fact, tutoring is all about providing personalized attention for each student.

Growing Stars, Inc., one of the leading service providers of effective and affordable online tutoring in the U.S., conducted a study on perspectives on online tutoring in various parts of the world. Online tutoring experts from Growing Stars explored the concept, scope, mode of operation, and perceptions of students and parents regarding online tutoring in various locations around the globe.

The study found that private tutoring has long been a major phenomenon in parts of South-East Asia, including China, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, India and Thailand. Those cultures hold a similar view of education, and tutoring is considered to be an integral part of formal education. People from South East Asian nations favored tutoring as a source of acquiring knowledge. Today, tutoring exists in every corner of these societies as a supplement to regular school education. In the Asian countries, it is very normal for every student—bright, average, and struggling—to go for after-school tutoring. Neither students nor parents are ashamed to tell their friends that their family engages tutoring services.

While some students seek help from tutoring companies, some others go to the homes of private tutors. Because of the high demand for tutoring, and time constraints on the part of students, some students even get up early in the morning and go to their tutoring places before they get to school. This practice is a reality in most Asian countries. Since tutors are available at affordable prices in close proximity, people have traditionally preferred face-to-face tutoring in most Asian countries. This is still the case for most people in this geographical region. However, online tutoring is gradually increasing because of the availability of fast Internet connections in homes in cities, and the busy nature of everyday life in cities. Moreover, online tutoring has proven to be as effective as face-to-face tutoring for most students. In either case, it has been proven that students who make use of tutoring attain higher grades in school, and go on to secure admissions in their chosen fields in good colleges and universities.

There is a perception among some in the US that tutoring is meant only for those who are struggling academically. In fact, tutoring is all about providing personalized attention for each student. Many bright students also go for online tutoring to supplement their classroom education. The classroom lecture is a broadcast to a classroom full of students, whose learning abilities and attention spans are not all the same. As a result, while some students understand most of the lectures, many students leave the classroom with some gaps in their grasp of what was taught in the class that day. These gaps can be easily filled with personalized tutoring, either face-to-face or online. While some parents understand this point, there are still some parents all across the world who haven’t fully grasped the implications.

As noted above, in some parts of the world, including the United States, there is a misconception that tutoring is intended only for struggling students. This misconception prevents parents from openly talking about the need for tutoring for their students. Even some parents who send their children for tutoring are uncomfortable talking about it openly. This situation ought to change, and parents should feel comfortable talking about tutoring as part of their children’s education. A change in attitude toward tutoring will go a long way to help many more American school children perform better in school and life.

Online tutoring companies offer the flexibility of learning from anywhere and at any time, at affordable prices. Families with the necessary resources find it easy to secure not only greater amounts of tutoring time, but can often also find higher-quality tutors when they are not limited to those available locally. Online tutoring has made tutoring affordable to those people who could not afford tutoring earlier. With the advent of personalized learning via online tutoring, millions of students across the globe get an opportunity to improve their academic performance. Personalized learning provides individual care and dedicated support to a student using online tutoring. Companies such as Growing Stars offer one-on-one live online tutoring services to students around the globe at affordable prices. Growing Stars even offers the assistance of a dedicated education manager who manages each student’s tutoring individually, and coordinates with the tutor and the parents to help students to stay abreast of their subjects, whether Math, Science, English, AP, or Test Prep such as SAT/ACT.

Biju Abraham Mathew, Founder and CEO of Growing Stars, Inc., says, “Growing Stars is passionate about delivering highly effective one-on-one online tutoring sessions across the United States. We have a wide spectrum of students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and we continue to help every child to achieve his or her own best.”

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